Jennifer Loan Vo submitted 2015-05-22

Mental and physical preparations are integral to doctors who are tasked to perform life saving techniques. In situations involving the scenario of resorting to life saving, the implication is its dire nature and the distracting extraneous variables like the family’s anxiety and the fact that another man’s life rests upon the doctor’s hands. This likewise applies in paediatric life support situations. As a medical student, I am giving my humble opinions regarding the matter in this paper.

A doctor should be physically prepared to take on the possible rigors that are attached to emergency situations. Emergencies chooses no time: it can arise in the morning, noon, evening and up to dawn. It is just fortuitous that becoming ready is of essence. Thus, it is of my humblest opinion that a doctor should be physically strong to be alert and act fast with responsive reflexes. If a patient’s condition requires the doctor to be there in an hour, he must be there in thirty minutes; if the condition requires thirty minutes, the doctor must be there in fifteen, and so on. For me, the more responsive doctor is, the better it is to rely upon his services in emergency situations. It would be the most awkward of scenarios if a doctor, competent as he is, is rendered otherwise because he is too slow or even sleepy to attend to an emergency. Another fact that demonstrates the importance of physical fitness is the “physical” aspect of the job. There are times where a doctor’s brawn is needed to properly execute emergency functions. Yes, being a doctor is not limited to intelligence. Examples of this aspect of the physical requirement would include the necessary strength to carry patients who are unconscious and the needed power to execute a decent CPR. Thus, all students of the profession are advised to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet to meet this requirement.

But more than the physical strength, the mental aspect of being a doctor in emergency situations is likewise a must. Many people associate doctors with cure. The pressure this finding places upon the profession is so great that doctors are in a way enjoined to perform according the best of their capacities. However, this should not give rise to a significant amount of stress that ends up eating up the doctor. All doctors and students of the medical profession should therefore be equipped with that clarity to detach themselves from others’ view and just focus on the more pressing matter, which is saving a life. It is the ultimate goal in handling emergency situations so it must be taken as a paramount consideration in order to avoid being distracted. The confidence people repose upon doctors is indeed flattering and can serve as a motivation to perform even better. But to begin with, it is submitted that the skill and dedication to be attached in the function should contain the same level of dedication sans the said finding. This should be inculcated in the minds of present and future doctors.

Another fact that calls for the mental strength of doctors is that it is from them where some people draws strength from. In situations where life hangs in the balance, a doctor should not succumb to the stressful situation because it is quite expected that most of the patient’s loved ones have already done so. A doctor must have an iron will to mask his emotions to serve as a beacon of hope to those that needs his help. Practicing this level of mental strength is not easy for some, but it is nonetheless so indispensable, that learning it is inevitable. I strongly believe as a matter of fact that this trait makes a doctor extra special and efficient for he is not susceptible to panic. In confronting this stark reality, students of the medical profession are advised to practice the defence mechanism of intellectualisation, or the use of reasoning to block off feelings that can give rise to emotional stress related to the endeavour. All they have to do is to think that what occurs is an incident of the medical profession.

The interplay between the physical and mental requirements to doctors is essential to the proper execution of duties attached to the profession. As previously intimated, emergency situations are very critical. There are many factors that run during the said event that it requires a doctor of strong will. Being a future doctor, my resolve is strong in making sure that I would be that doctor. Things that I have gone through in life is so though that I am confident that it developed the mental preparation part. Anent the physical perspective, I know that I am capacitated to carry various patients, wake up when my medical service is required, among others.