Kyle Montgomery submitted 2015-06-11

I have had the honor of caring for people who are experiencing a variety of ailments during my career as a Paramedic. While I believe the care administered by pre-hospital providers is an essential part of the patient care process, I would like the opportunity to be more involved in the outcomes of the people I encounter. I would also like to obtain a better understanding of the pathophysiology of the maladies affecting the patients whom I assist in treating. It is my goal to become a physician assistant in order to expand upon my medical knowledge base and abilities to assist in caring for people who are in need of medical attention while still having the freedom to work in different specialties.

I sincerely enjoyed the two years I spent in Paramedic school but I often felt the information which was presented warranted further explanation. Many of the science classes I have completed have aided in providing some of the explanations I sought during my paramedic training and helped to increase my understanding of various medical conditions. Undergraduate and Paramedic schooling have laid a strong foundation which I would like to build upon. I feel that attending physician assistant school would be a great way to further my education in the medical field.

Paramedics can administer a number of different medications and perform a variety of interventions with the assistance of other emergency medical services providers. I enjoy working in an environment where a team of medical staff must work together in order to care for patients. Working in the emergency medical services field has instilled in me the importance of working together in a variety of environments especially when the surroundings are less than ideal. Completing physician assistant school would provide me with a new level of responsibility in caring for patients while still facilitating participation in a company of providers.

I find the profession of physician assistant to be a particularly attractive career choice since it provides the flexibility of working in various specialties. I have had the opportunity to engage in different lines of work ranging from food services to construction before entering the medical field. My previous work has provided an assortment of experiences and also confirmed my desire to continue in the medical field. Possessing the option to switch specialties is certainly a contributing factor in my decision to apply for physician assistant school instead of a medical doctor or doctor of osteopathic medicine program. I am applying to attend physician assistant training in the interest of continuing my pursuit to be the best well-rounded medical provider I can become.

Having the duty to provide medical care is a privilege which I hold in high regard. I began my career in medicine as a basic emergency medical technician on a specialty care transport unit and later moved into emergency medical services. I worked as a basic emergency medical technician prior to completing Paramedic school and gaining employment as a Paramedic. I enjoyed the increased amount of responsibility which came with each advancement I received. I appreciate your consideration of my application and hope you will allow me the opportunity to further my medical training and involvement in the care of people in need.