Alexia Sharp submitted 2015-08-21

Becoming a diagnostic sonographer I would expect on a daily basis that most of my patients would be pregnant women. So in order to first prepare myself physically I would make sure I get my full 8-hours of sleep since a sonographers day typically starts around 7am or 8am and make sure I eat a good breakfast to ensure healthy brain function and get my body awake and ready for the day ahead.  2When it comes to preparing myself mentally I would arrive to the office early to be able to look over my agenda for the day and read my charts so I can know what is in store far as the type of appointments I have for that day so forth I can prepare myself on how to take on each patient, and I remind myself of why I do what I do and what inspired me to go this far.   3Although working as a healthcare provider in any aspect of the medical field can be stressful and overwhelming at times it also can be rewarding especially as a diagnostic sonographer I take great pride and joy in being able to tell parents that they are expecting or that their baby is healthy and being able to reassure the first time mother that everything looks great. Of course diagnostic medical sonography doesn’t just stop at babies the amazing part is being able to detect something so small that could have a huge impact on the patient whether it be a blood clot etc. Just that alone gives my heart ease to be able to save lives and to be a part of their recovery back to good health, but as I stated before there are times when it can be overwhelming since not all appointments end on a good note. 4 If I were to give my insight to a future medical student I would say there are times that we wish that we could deliver good news every visit but unfortunately there will be times where there will be bad news but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel because you are a part of a team that will get the job done. 5 Also I would encourage them to never give up even when the road may seem rugged but to also understand and keep in mind that they must expect things to get harder and more challenging because the medical field is no laughing matter you are responsible for someone’s life and well-being so grasp onto whatever you learn in class even the little things count and can make a difference. And to also take on your everyday tasks with a smile and positive attitude because you are dealing with patients on a close level so you have to make yourself approachable and comfortable for them to be comfortable with you.6 Through it all it’s best to stay goal orientated so that you keep that same zeal you had when you chose your profession in healthcare whether when it was applying to schools, researching the best programs, looking for every scholarship possible to help you finish, maintain good grades in ordered to be considered by the great colleges. 8Because it takes a special person not only special but strong person to go into healthcare so all applause goes to you for going into something that demands so much from you physically and mentally, but it’s all worth it when the patient is taken care of.9 If you find happiness in taking care of people then healthcare is definitely the place for you and you’ll never be bored with what you do if you love to do just that, and that’s all it is to it. Also you have to be a team player because everyone in the hospital from big to small plays a special part in the facility and you all have the same objective and goal in mind to make sure the patients or anyone who enters the building are in the best care and that their experience there is a pleasant one. 0But in an emergency medical situation it is always best to remain calm and prepare for the  unexpected because you have to manage getting the job done whether it be handling the family members, transporting the patient, or being in the ER, and it is recommended that you show empathy to all patients even the family in order to keep it professional.