Abdulaziz Abdallah submitted 2015-10-15

Emergency medical care from the perspective of a medical student

Medicine is the greatest science and art since the beginning of life, it was firmly related to the magic in the old civilizations as it saves lives and fight against their dreaded enemy “the death”, so it is known that medicine is the art which needs a special heroes to practice it as nurses, pharmacists and doctors. Medical students also try proving their abilities and that they are eligible to carry this big mission on their shoulders, so they always looking for someone to help, ready to give their helping hand to others. Emergency medical care is the battleground for doctors.

When you know that someone you love is in extremis you will feel a terrifying sense, anxiety and grief him as he will not achieve what he dreamed for, that’s your feeling, so what about his feeling? his feeling is indescribable no one can know what he feels but definitely he is in tatters. Let’s talk about doctor’s role who is responsible for fix his mental and physical disorders he responsible for take this patient out of his total darkness and give him a real hope that depends on real reasons which will return this patient to the life, so I think that the hope able to prepare the patient mentally before performing life saving techniques on patients.

Preparing the patient mentally will help so much in physically preparing as it will give him the reason to follow the doctor’s roles to be ready before performing life saving techniques on him, Mentally and physically preparing is also the responsibility of nurses as their mission is to cares about the needs of patients.

May it is not very difficult to doctors to prepare the patient mentally. But what about them ? Is it easy to get used to work in stressful moments ?they are also humans like patients and it is not easy to see someone in extremis not only this but also he is responsible for helping the patient and treat him. So stressful moments are not strange in the doctor’s life, he does not deal with a machine if it is get disrupted, no one will care.

Medical student should know that he is in a great field that deserve to do all of his best for medicine, be able to work whatever his conditions, he must work hard, He must be so calm and fast to make a very important decision that may save life and it is so difficult to combine between calm and speed, so don’t blame me when I say that medicine needs a special heroes to practice it.

Hospitals are places which full of great moments and memories that you will never forget, but on the other hand, hospital is the workplace of doctors, nurses, they spend most of their times in this place. May any other workplaces face some hard moments and good moments, But in hospitals you will find a continuous stressful moments which is the most important moments in the patient’s life, but in doctor’s life it is a one of his normal days. It makes a great challenge to doctors. But it is the moments that doctors choice medicine for, they wanted to be in stressful moments wanted to help other and be with them in their hardest moments in their lives, holding their hands and make patients feel better, stronger.

Human has the ability to express his pain so it is easy to feel him, but what about children, they don’t speak but they also suffer they need someone who can help them without speaking someone who understands them, and this also one of the duties of a doctor to do, it also makes a challenge to doctors who responsible for feeling of others without speaking

Finally, you must be proud because you are in medicine, you are in the art of healing, you are dealing with the god’s greatest creation in the whole world who is completely trust you and he know that you will heal him and you can ease his pain, whatever his status in community he always needs you. So, be proud, you are a medical student.