Kylee Martin submitted 2017-08-16 00:00:00 +0000

Emergency medical care is a scary thing coming from the medical student, the patient, and the medical personnel as well. The whole situation can be stressful in all circumstances regardless of how serious it can be. When you are giving a patient treatment, whether it is an adult or a child, make sure you explain thoroughly what you are doing, why you are doing it, and any effects that it may have on them. Be sure to answer any of their questions, since they are bound to have a lot if they are conscious. In an emergency, it is very important to remain calm and to restrain yourself from placing any more stress on the situation as much as you can. Although it can be very stressful, healthcare can also be very rewarding. Being able to help someone in a time of need, and occasionally save someone’s life in extreme cases, is about as rewarding as it gets. I believe there is nothing better than that feeling alone. From the perspective of a medical student, it looks pretty scary and they will be scared and shocked at first. But once they gain all the knowledge and practice that they need in their field, their nerves will calm and they will be better suited to handle the situation better. Medical students also need to be prepared for working with multiple patients at a time, and being able to multitask. Most patients need to take certain medications at certain times, and you need to be able keep up with their schedule and also the correct dosage for each patient and each medication.

Preparing yourself mentally can be just as important as preparing yourself physically. Being mentally prepared can mean making sure that you are ready for anything that might happen on your shift. Emergencies, such as car wrecks or other traumatic instances, can mean that the patient is in a lot of pain and there is a lot of damage to the body. In such instances, you need to be mentally prepared to see such things and be able to handle them in a calm and timely manner. If you are easily disturbed by these types of images, this may not be your type of career interest. Being mentally prepared also means that you need to know what to do in your career. In order to gain this kind of knowledge, you need to go to years of schooling, depended upon what your career interest is. I personally am going to a 2-year community college in order to gain my degree in the medical field. I am going to be a Radiology Technician. Therefore, I am also mentally preparing myself to look at multiple disturbing or odd images that may be seen in any of the equipment that I might be working with. One of the ways that students and myself can prepare themselves mentally in which ever field they are going in, is participating in volunteer sit ins or clinicals in their field to get a feel of the things they will see and do on a daily basis.

A way that everyone can prepare themselves physically is to be physically fit. Being physically fit is just as important as being mentally prepared. Students, and myself, need to be prepared to lift heavy equipment that we may be using. There are also some patients who are incapable of moving themselves into certain positions, some that need help getting around, and some who are larger and other medical personnel may need help moving them as well. Being fit can also help you in circumstances when a patient, or a patients relative, becomes violent with you, other patients or medical personnel, or even themselves. Everyone who enters the medical field needs to prepared for anything that could happen to them and to other people, just as you would for any other job. With some life saving techniques, it helps to be physically fit to perform them, such as CPR, because it can get tiring after a while, and other types of first responder actions.

Being physically fit and also mentally prepared can help you progress in your career, and also help you take care of other people. Being educated gives you the knowledge to help recognize certain illnesses and to give care to that problem. Physical fitness gives you the strength you need, physically and mentally, to be able to give care to all patients. Being emotionally prepared to handle patients in their time of need, is just as important as being physically able to help them and the knowledge to be able to give them the care that they need.