'Natasha Smith''s essay on medical training'

Natasha Smith submitted 2017-08-17 00:00:00 +0000

Working in the healthcare field requires a distinct array of passions and aspirations. It was during my teenage years that I learned I had an attraction to a career in the health field. It was January 7th and, at 15 years old, I had just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. On the way to the emergency department, I was completely oblivious to the fact that healthcare providers were awaiting my arrival. These professionals had gotten my room ready, got the vitals machine running, set up an IV pole with an insulin drip, and completed all other necessary preparation in order to successfully deliver emergency medical care. This was my first experience receiving life sustaining treatment. The overwhelmingly scary situation gave me a new, unique patient perspective on healthcare and medical treatment. One thing I have always remembered from my experience was how the healthcare team conducted themselves, working together to give me the highest possibility of a successful outcome. The team was exceptional, and really made my treatments and inpatient visit go smoothly. Heather was the name of one of my nurses, and she strongly influenced and inspired me to become a caregiver. When she was done with her 12 hour shift, she came into my room and double checked to be sure I didn’t need anything. She even offered to stay with me even though her shift was technically over. This nurse cared so much about me and was determined to do everything in her power to give me the best possible patient outcome. The rest of the healthcare team was also inspiring to me because they provided initial emergency medical care and then followed up with non emergent, holistic care. The whole healthcare team was phenomenal, which contributed to my success as a patient. Seeing the lasting effect a healthcare professional can have on their patient gave me motivation to pursue a career in the health field. I have the hope that I can one day leave impressions on my patients like my nurse left on me.

As a nursing student, I’ve gradually learned how complex the professional’s role is in the delivery of life sustaining care. Recognizing each person needing emergent medical treatments as having equal rights to preservation of life, no matter the circumstances, is an important theory a responder must believe in. This also correlates with having a core value of doing no harm. This should be remembered with every patient encounter and especially through the process of delivering life saving techniques. In my future nursing career and confrontations, I will adequately prepare both emotionally and physically for each emergent situation. I’m naturally a very calm person and am able to remain collected during intense, emotional situations. This is an personal attribute I will be sure to put forth mentally during future emergent encounters. Making the patient a priority allows my focus to stay on what is best for them. It also ensures I am doing all that is possible to set up the patient up for success medically. I again recollect how the healthcare team on my case conducted themselves. Remembering this will allow me to put forth the necessary actions to work with my healthcare team to create surroundings that promote success and satisfactory patient outcomes.

There is individual and team preparation involved in the delivery of life saving techniques. Individually, I think it is very important that one holds their own health in high regard. In order to give care to others, one must first have themselves taken care of. This includes eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercising, and setting aside time to do leisurely activities. A health care professional must also personally continue with ongoing education throughout their career. This includes staying informed about procedure updates, advancing technology, modernized equipment, new and developing treatments, and much more. Another thing to stay in the loop with is successes and failures at surrounding hospitals. A lot can be learned from other people’s mistakes and accomplishments. Physical preparation completed by the healthcare team includes setting up all necessary supplies and equipment, along with gathering the appropriate personnel. The team must also learn about the incoming case as much as possible . An important aspect to remember in preparing for an emergency medical situation is although cases might be similar, each one is uniquely different and has to be regarded in that way. In my nursing career, I will respect this case divergency and diligent to treat or solve each one. Living with such an unpredictable disease has taught me a lot about perseverance and determination, and how it can be used to reach success. I will use this lesson to also have achievements in my future career endeavors.

Continuing my education in nursing will allow for further learning in effective preparation and delivery of life saving techniques. When I am a working professional, I will think back to the personal experience I had in the hospital and being a receiver of emergency medical care. Especially remembering the strong influence that one nurse had on me, I’ll continually think about the impressions I am making on my own patients. Working as a healthcare provider will be emotionally, mentally, and physically demanding. Although there are inevitable unfavorable outcomes when it comes to working in healthcare, I believe the favorable results reminder of the how rewarding the career can be.