Ivan Barraza Duran submitted 2017-08-18 00:00:00 +0000

There are certain commitments one must make to himself/herself before deciding to enter the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is full of stressing situations, where people are in desperate need and look to you for help. Most of the people who come to you have no idea what is exactly is going on with them and they certainly don’t know the solution. As a healthcare provider you must be committed to gaining mastery in your field. In the healthcare field there is no correctable wrong answer. This job requires you to identify and make the right call every single time. There are three basic commitments one must make before committing to the healthcare field, be willing to never stop learning, never prioritize money over the quality of the patient, and most important of all is that you must always give your best knowing that sometimes God’s plans are different.

As a healthcare provider it is crucial to understand that one will never stop learning. The healthcare industry is constantly advancing with new technology, new techniques, and changing approaches. The reason why healthcare providers must be committed to learning is because not only is the career path one of the longest but it is also necessary to be up to date on scientific literature in order to provide the best healthcare possible. Time and time again you hear of doctors who use the same techniques, strategies, and approaches they’ve use for 20 years or more. A doctor that doesn’t change from year to year is simply not handling his job appropriately. The most important thing to do is to be able to improve as you go a long and you do that by learning more. Through my experience with doctors I can tell who keeps up with what works and who simply doesn’t care enough to change his or her approach. A doctor that doesn’t feel challenged every year, isn’t experiencing any growth and much less learning. If one is not committed to learning more with every year, shouldn’t be even considering entering the healthcare industry.

One problem with the healthcare industry is money. Healthcare is like a business, which in turn can shift the priority to being money instead of being the well being of all the patients. There are people in the healthcare industry who know the decision will make them more money but won’t necessarily benefit their patient. People who would rather sacrifice the well being of a patient just to meet their own financial needs don’t belong in the healthcare industry. People who are appropriate for the healthcare industry are selfless, caring, and resilient. Your driving force should be the patient not the profit margins. It amazes me how some doctors can charge a patient more for the wrong procedures when they might as well have charged the patients more for a procedure that will actually fix their problem. Examples of doctors making money but not helping right now can be seen with the prescription medication industry. There are doctors who take advantage of the naïve patient who doesn’t know he is paying more for a medicine that can be bought for less with the generic brand.

By far the most important commitment one can make before entering the healthcare is to always give your all. The healthcare industry is faced with multiple decisions that challenge your morality. There will be other people around you who will fall under the persuasion of immoral decisions for personal gain. One must stay committed to providing healthcare to the best of their ability. Another important point to keep in mind is that some healthcare providers don’t give their best effort based on the patient that walks through their door. As a healthcare provider one should always give every patient the best they have to offer. This however doesn’t mean that by giving your best you will always be right, but it is important to understand that you can only control half the battle. There are other factors that play into the well being of the patients such as their own lifestyle choices. You can only control what they can but this should not be taken lightly, there must be a hundred percent effort being delivered on your part.

In conclusion, if one is not ready to give up some of their freedoms in order to help the well being of others, then the healthcare industry is not for you. Preparing for work in the healthcare industry includes lost of support from those around you, constant drive for helping people, and the obvious one, which is never ceasing to learn. The journey is long but the satisfaction that is gained from the experience is one that makes everything well worth it.