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Healthcare is a widely practiced and needed career across the world. Healthcare is a career where the provider needs to be prepared mentally and physically for all possibilities. Pursuing a career in healthcare is very rewarding and is why so many individuals select this path. Although it can be rewarding, this field can also be very stressful to the mind and body. Individuals must know how to prepare for a career with so many demands on the mind and body. As a health care provider, I will practice and adhere to specific practices that help me perform to the best of my ability: mentally and physically.

Mental preparation in the healthcare field can be difficult for some, but to treat and care for patients, the most important technique that can prepare an individual is to trust your education. Many people, when in a rapid and stressful situation, begin to doubt themselves. If you remain calm in a life threatening situation, and trust yourself as well as your education, as a provider, you are far more likely to treat patients with the best quality of care. Another mental preparation technique that is important to prepare yourself when in critical care is to separate your emotions from the patient. As healthcare providers, we become close to the patient, and in some instances can make choices that may or may not be the best or as ethical as some choices due to our emotional attachment to the patient. This technique of removing the emotional connection between the patient can allow healthcare providers to furnish the best and most ethical care to the individual. As a healthcare provider, days can be long, tiring, and frustrating. These are all attributes of a healthcare profession. Another word of advice I have is to wake up and know that each day is a new day. Complicated situations may happen during the course of a day that might give a professional a reason so be negative and not perform to the best of their ability. To shy away from that, if one has a positive mindset, could allow each working healthcare provider to set aside what has happened and focus on what needs to be taken care of with a renewed mindset. So many factors come into play when it comes to mental preparation but if one can adhere to what they feel is most important they can be ready in any critical situation.

Physical health doesn’t cross a lot of people’s minds when they are signing up for classes or walking into their first interview to work as a healthcare provider but it is especially important to be in shape and to maintain good physical health pertaining to this type of career. If you look outside the box, how are you going to care for an individual if you are not in good health yourself? For example, if a patient is in critical condition and you have to leave the room intermittently due to a headache from lack of sleep; this could interfere with your ability to provide full attention to the patient. There are numerous situations in which the provider lacks good physical health and could reflect on the care of a patient. It is very import to eat healthy, take care of yourself, get a good night’s rest and be physically fit. Being physically fit comes into play in any instance where an individual might go into cardiac arrest and you are needed to perform CPR or any hands-on care to a patient. A physically fit person would be strong enough and able to perform these tasks until somebody could help you or the patient was stable again. Healthcare providers need to be prepared for all emergency situations and strong enough to handle a patient both physically and mentally. Providers may also be on call or in a situation where they are on their feet for a majority part of the day. Therefore, the need to be able to be on your feet without the body hurting or needing rest continually throughout the day is a necessity. A healthcare provider needs to be aware that he or she will need to be prepared for all instances that could occur and to be physically fit for the job. This will provide the best service and care to the patients and for the provider.

Healthcare is one of the most important careers in the world. Without healthcare and the knowledge providers have today, we would be stuck in a world with many sick individuals. Luckily with the knowledge we know now, we can continue to provide the best care to our patients across the world. In order to provide the best care to your future patients, my advice is to practice the techniques of being mentally and physically fit to the best of your ability.