Tiffany Yam submitted 2017-08-19 00:00:00 +0000

Learning and training for the life basic support is essential to all health care workers, it provides the medical care team the right knowledge and skills needed to potentially save someone’s life. With that said, it is completely different when the time is here and an emergency situation has arise. The environment is intense, everyone surrounding you is panicking and there is crying and shouting. Your heart is pounding so hard and fast that it feels like it will break right out of your chest. Your palms are sweating and you are extremely nervous and scared that you will not succeed and save the person’s life. When this scenario happens, most of the time people tend to forget what they learned to help resituate a person who is lying unconscious and without a pulse. The knowledge that you once thought you knew like the back of your hand is gone. You cannot figure out how many breaths to chest compressions for an adult or a child. If you do not have control over the impulse to panic, it will make it more difficult to remember the standards of CPR. Therefore, it is important to commit to a continuous review of the techniques and fundamentals to instill the information.

As long as I could remember, I have always wanted to help people. Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to set my career in the health care field. My problem was only which path do I take. From my long road of figuring out who I am and many years of going down routes that were not for me, I have finally found my calling and now I am challenging myself in the Radiologic Technology Program. As I prepared for the program this past spring, I have come to realize that it is important to not only learn the material and technique to use during emergency situations but also to embed it into my brain to prevent situations where I capable of freezing up and blanking out during an emergency situation where someone’s life can depend on you. I feel that the only way to be able to work through a tough scenario without forgetting the knowledge learned during the course of the BLS is continuous repetition. It is important to understand that what we learn while training and practicing is completely different than what we are truly training for. Therefore, reviewing the information learned from the BLS course is the way I have decided to prepare myself for this type of situation. I have trained my self to review the information twice a month at random times throughout the day. It can be when I am in the shower or during my walk in the evening; I will go over out loud the amount of chest compressions and breaths ratio for an adult and child. I also go over the information learned about how to help a victim in need during a time when he/she is choking. Additionally, it is helpful to include pictures of demonstrations of where the hand placement should be for helping a victim who is choking. I keep saved photos handy in my cellular phone to help me during my times I am reviewing. This way I can be prepared as much as possible during a situation, I will be able to remember the information taught during the BLS course.

I have heard from numerous people who have a career in the medical field that no matter what you try to do, it will never truly prepare yourself for a situation where someone is in need of medical attention. I hope that with this way of training myself to review the material it will help me make better decisions to help save a victims life. I hope from every situation that I come across during my career and as a student, I will learn from them. I will take each event as a learning opportunity and absorb new techniques that I can take with me for future situations. The medical careers are all learning careers; we never stop learning new material and new techniques, thus we should not take the material taught at a short BLS course for granted. The information is important and helps saves lives; each victim that we come across depends on what we learned to save their lives. Therefore, we should not brush the information aside after we finished the BLS course needed, instead we should embrace it and continue learning and growing as individuals in the society.