Kelly Jauch submitted 2017-08-20 00:00:00 +0000

As a medical student, I understand that basic life-support knowledge is vital in any healthcare setting, and is extremely crucial in high-stress level environments like hospitals where emergency care is needed frequently. In any workplace, one needs to be accountable day in and day out so that they can perform their job effectively. However, in healthcare, one has to be even more mentally prepared to face the constant emotional roller coaster that any each day can bring. As a medical student, I believe that being mentally and physically prepared would aid in being the best healthcare provider possible, and ensure I was ready for challenging situations. That being said, mental and physical capabilities are a huge component in performing Basic Life Support in those tough situations.

I would prepare mentally each day to provide quality Basic Life Support by performing deep breathing exercises, paired with daily meditation. Specifically, deep breathing exercises would help me control my heart rate and keep me calm if I was forced give CPR to a patient. This technique also would help me think swiftly when I need to make a split-second decision. I believe daily meditation would prepare me mentally to tackle any obstacle thrown at me as a medical student. It would allow my head to be completely clear from any outside doubts or thoughts, and also completely focus on the problem that lies ahead. Along with daily meditation, I would perform positive visualization after doing the meditation as well. I would use positive visualization to imagine myself in a time of chaos in the hospital setting. For example, I’d imagine that someone needed an urgent surgery or had to be resuscitated. I would imagine myself being there performing the skills I need to execute, and would envision successfully aiding in patients’ needs. I would visualize myself saving a person’s life, and use positive visualization to imagine myself talking to family members and sharing the good news with them. I believe that mentally prepping myself for these situations would better prepare me in times of stress. Also, I would prepare mentally by diligently reading up on all of the Basic Life Support materials that I have to know. I would also discuss with my peers, about what to do in crisis situations and how I can be the most prepared when these situations does happen. Once I had the mental aspect down, I would then turn my focus to making sure I was in physically fit shape. This would benefit me when I would need to performing life-saving techniques on patients.

Mental exercises are beneficial for lowering anxiety and keeping calm in times of crisis, but physical exercise can have a whole different effect on your body. Physical activity can have profound benefits for people who want to achieve peak performance. I believe that healthcare providers like myself can continuously benefit from physical exercise. Physical exercise can help people sleep better, reduce stress, and promote an overall healthier lifestyle. Also, physical exercise will help me as a medical student by better preparing me if I have to lift a patient who has suddenly gone unconscious, or assist in transferring a patient from a crash cart to a hospital bed. I believe that physical exercise can be very meditative as well, and help in similar ways that meditation can. By ensuring that I follow a solid regime of workouts, I know it would only help me be the best medical student I can be. That being said, as long as I am in excellent physical shape, I know it will strengthen me as a health care provider, and therefor provide the patients the best care that they can in a time of need.

In most healthcare professions where emergency care occurs more often than not, physical and mental capabilities are demanded all times. That is why as a medical student assuring that I take the correct steps to prepare myself mentally and physically will allow me to be ready in that time of need. Physical and mental preparations are demanding, but are fundamental in achieving every day success as a healthcare provider. As long as I can keep myself completely mentally and physically equipped at all times, I know I will be ready for any emergency care events that come through the door on any given day.