Mondelus Robensky submitted 2017-08-20 00:00:00 +0000

In the field of health in addition to having good knowledge it is also necessary to be equally balanced mentally and physically to arrive to provide quality care. For this on the mental plane I prepare thus to always have the cool blood and to keep the morale to the beautiful fixed so as not to succumb to any eventuality of sympathy towards the patient, I will use a very good sense of observation And to have a critical thinking because this last one will help to identify important details in the care of the patient I always prepare my mind in order to try to study every gesture where the facies of the patient who will contribute to the process of equitable care .

A good physical preparation is also important while starting with a good body mechanics, convenient clothing wearing, with a non-irritating perfume product for the patient, I will avoid to keep folds on the face those that could slow down on a Good communication between the patient and me I will avoid the unnecessary gestures go and come, I will explain to the patient what I will do for him to know the medical gesture and how he can collaborate, I will explain the different instruments to use all these for a better nursing care.

Many things could be included in a preparation on both a mental and a physical level, which we can take months to talk about. I am doing a synthesis in everything I can say about a great mental and physical preparation before to provide quality care to a patient.

To all those who intend to start this path which is nursing I know that it is complex because it is about giving care, it is about improving life. I know it’s stressful and it’s normal because you needed this level of stress acceptable to get there to give you more to get there to take conscious that we need to give you even more I tell you of you Give to your studies and practices in order to have sufficient abilities and experience to practice this noble profession of nursing care.

A big thank you to you and good courage good study.