Amanda Kirkland submitted 2020-01-15

Let me start with how much I detest writing essays about myself. Alas, I understand there has to be some sort of way for a scholarship committee to select a student to receive the allotted funds but it still makes me feel extremely narcissistic. That being said I am not at all very interesting so remember you asked for this. Now if I was allowed to write a creative, fictional story about a topic that I choose, I could amaze you that way… see there is the narcissism. I always have wondered if someone actually has to read every essay that is sent in, that poor soul, or does a random essay get picked and then read over to make sure it doesn’t contain anything inappropriate or undignified… And there goes my chances.

My name is Amanda Kirkland. I am a 34-year-old going back to college to obtain my BSN. I currently work in labor and delivery as a labor nurse in south Alabama. I started working in labor and delivery in 2007 as a nurse’s aide and progressively advanced my education through the years and graduated with my Associates of Nursing degree in 2016. I love my job and helping bring new life into the world or being comfort to a family who experiences the loss of a fetal demise. After I receive my BSN, I desire to get my MSN, at some point, and work towards being a nurse manager in my department.

In my personal life, which is a real snooze fest, I am married with two children. My husband and I met at the hospital that we both worked at then and now and both of our children were born there. So, I would say we are fairly vested in the company. We have a seven-year-old son, who is the sweetest, funniest kid ever. He is also astronomically sarcastic, not sure where he gets that from must be some recessive gene, probably on his father’s side. We, also, have a 22-month-old little girl who is exceptionally cute but not that sweet. She is quite aware of who runs the house. Here is a hint, it’s her. She was born at 33 weeks premature, that is seven weeks early, due to the development of preeclampsia on my part. Luckily, she only had to spend two weeks in the NICU but those places are not cheap, not to mention she has asthma which has resulted in a handful of hospital admissions and one helicopter ride. That being said, almost two years later I am still paying on her medical bills every month. She is totally worth all of my money, though, and what doesn’t go to her medical bills goes to my addiction of buying her adorable clothes.

Now you know all about me and I do truly need help with paying for school and I would appreciate any financial help I can get. If I am not chosen for the scholarship, I also could use a babysitter for the little one while I do school work… just FYI. In all seriousness, if I am chosen to receive the scholarship it will be put to good use in helping me gain further knowledge to assist women in labor to have the healthiest and most special birth experience. Thank you for considering me and for the time taken out of your life to read my essay.