Omotunde Alabi submitted 2020-02-27

My fascination with the field of Medicine and the health sciences. Ever since I was little, I used to be one of those kids that always wanted to be a Medical Doctor. I was fascinated in the way at which Doctors save lives and how people respected and appreciated them. I never quite understood what it took to be a medical doctor, the discipline, responsibilities and extraordinary hour of studying it took.

I just wanted to wear the infamous white coat with my stethoscope around my neck to save lives. As I got older, I realized that lives could not only be saved by being a medical doctor but also through other health professions such as nursing, medical assistants, pharmacist etc. I was convinced to study Engineering as my first degree, my parents persuaded that I studied Engineering, saying there would be better opportunities of getting a job and becoming financially stable. As an African child, I had to follow their wishes. After a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I thought I would have forgotten about going into the health field, but never gave up.Coming to America is a dream come true for everyone. You get to be whomever you want to be. The sky is the limit if one is prepared to work hard to achieve their dreams. I came to America to get my master’s in engineering management in broadening my horizon to manage natural resources efficiently. I was about to begin classes until an incident happened which challenged my idea on whether I want to further my education in engineering.My aunt was about 3 months pregnant. She came back from work early because she was feeling dizzy.As she slept, she woke up feeling a sharp pain in her stomach, suddenly, she saw blood on the bed. I called 911 for help and accompanied her to the hospital in the ambulance van, but before the doctors attended to her she lost the baby. It was a very tragic moment for the family especially her because she had been trying to have a baby for 9 years.It was at this point I realized I had to follow my dreams and be in the health field. In my opinion, I felt if a nurse was able to attend to her five minutes earlier, she might not have lost the baby. This situation got me thinking for about 3 weeks, I decided to follow another career path.

I called my parents and explained the situation to them, I finally convinced them trust me to let me follow my path of being a health professional. Being a nurse wasn’t what I dreamt of becoming but watching the world health news on a steady basis brought me closer to health care. I just don’t want to be a nurse I want to be a global nurse to be able to help in different parts of the world in promoting good health care system. In my country, Nigeria, when a person is seriously sick or has a particular type of disease, they prefer to receive treatment from technologically advanced countries. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to pay for such treatment. My dream is to help save lives all over the world especially in less privileged countries with the knowledge I would attain.

I aim to eventually obtain a Master’s in Clinical Perfusion. Perfusionists operate a heart-lung machine during surgery, keeping oxygenated blood flowing through the patient’s heart and body while the surgeon operates, and monitors to make sure the patient maintains consistent body temperature.

I will make use of this knowledge in leading the present generation in helping to push my country in the right direction. By furthering myself, making use of the right knowledge I promise to improve the less technologically countries. To accomplish this, one needs to attain a certain level of training needed as well as the research that comes with it. For me, reaching this place starts with getting my degree in Nursing. While I have not attained that height yet, one thing I know is that I am most certainly on my way to achieving it. Again, a master’s degree in Perfusion, and ultimately a Ph.D. with an emphasis on research will help me attain this reachable goal.

I am currently working on my capstone research on the efficacy of Cerumen on Boil and Acne. I’m proud of this achievement and it gives me the confidence to improve myself further. It has always been my dream to finish my education in a place where learning is unhindered, and resources are relatively limitless.

I have looked at all the school has to offer, and after so much thought, I am certain that I am making the right decision. I would love to be accepted to the program, and subsequently, study what my options are to further in that area as well.

I hope that my desire, enthusiasm, and the little I have accomplished despite limited resources will be enough to accept me into this awesome program.

I have worked hard over the years and I hope that it pays off for me by being accepted here to continue what will undoubtedly be an exciting journey.