Aseanti Neizsa Calhoun submitted 2020-04-28

I grew up in a family that dictated what everyone should do with their life. I never had the opportunity to take control of my life when it came to what I wanted to do in life. My family determined my future with me not having a say so in the dreams and aspirations that I accumulated while in high school. I graduated from college with a degree in Biology, applied to dental school, and in the mist of it all I realized that the journey I was on was not my own. I become very unhappy with my job as a dental assistant and the whole idea of a career in dental.

At the age of 27 years old, I quit my job and moved to a different state to figure out what I wanted to do in life. I did a year of service of volunteering with AmeriCorps and volunteered any where I could experience interacting with people of all backgrounds. It wasn’t until I started building houses with Habitat for Humanity that I acquired the desire to become a nurse. I was supervising a group of volunteers about safety on the construction site. Everyone were being safe and following all the rules about safety that I had enforced. Especially in regards to ladder safety, I instructed that everyone should have a partner when getting up on ladders everyone followed instructions expect one volunteer. When I noticed the volunteer was not following the rules the volunteer fell off the ladder which resulted in the volunteer braking their leg. To make a long story short I maintained my composure and took action without hesitation to ensure the volunteer got the help they needed. During that moment, I felt a rush flow through me and I knew that I was headed back to the medial field but in a form of a nurse.

I have always held my basic life support card, but I never experienced a situation were I had to apply what I learned to save someone’s life. Staying up-to-date on basic life support training is something that is very important to me, so if the situation would happen to arise I will be prepared. When I was going to school for dental, I also held a basic life support card because it was important to have when I serviced my patients as a dental assistant. You never know when an unexpected event may happen and I wanted to be prepared. I under stand there are restrictions on if someone wants to resuscitated, but to be prepared is a form of always being ready. I think no one is really ever prepared to mentally to save someone life. I think the best way to mentally prepare for life saving situations is to acquire knowledge on topics you don’t understand and interact with people who experienced life saving situations to get perspective. As a future healthcare provider, I think it is very important to stay in shape by staying active outside of work. Staying active by exercising, dancing, medication, and more can help you maintain momentum and strength during life saving situations.

I am very excited about my future career in nursing and having the honor to save people lives in varies ways. Nursing has various career paths which gives me the opportunity to explore what my heart desires. I am a person that loves diversity and traveling, so my goal as a future health care provider is to provide my services to all the people I come into contact with me. I have lived in three different states so far and planning on traveling to islands and other countries if the universe allows me too. I am finally living the life I want even though I am 31 years old and finding my way. I always say I lived my mid-life crisis early in life to live a life I know I will not regret. I am going to embrace my new career in nursing with open arms and believe in myself even though no one else believes in me.

Fast Forward to 2020, I am currently in nursing school and I am working hard to receive the grades I deserve. I am currently working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to gain the interpersonal communication skills with patients and health care professionals, so when I become a nurse I excel. As a CNA, I have assisted with coved-19 patients and patients who maybe at risk to ensure they are provided with the best care possible. With everything that is going on in the world I feel like people are not taking their health and the safety of others very serious. In the state of Wisconsin people rallied outside of city hall to open everything back up because they feel like their rights are being taken away them them. I think the news have a lot to do with what people think about COVID-19 because they state that the only people that are being affected are African Americans and certain area codes. I have seen personally what COVID-19 is doing to patients. In Atlanta, GA, they decided that opening up certain plays will benefit the people on Friday and now they have 200 new causes and it hasn’t even been a week. I will continue to aid in the recover in any patient that resides on my unit because the goal is to get everyone back healthy. I understand the stress of everything being closed, but health before wealth should be the motto for 2020 and moving forward. I wish the world would see the importance of staying home!