Maraya Lujan submitted 2020-06-24

My name is Maraya Araceli Lujan. I’m a senior at Bastrop High School. I think I should be considered for this scholarship because I’ve worked hard throughout my whole grade school career. I do everything I need to. I’m responsible, honest, dedicated and charismatic!

I’ve maintained my GPA of 94 and I am ranked 59 out of 301 students. I am President of my band council. I’ve been in the Bastrop Band for six years now. I am the Historian for our school’s National Honor Society. I am also the Secretary of HOSA Future Health Professionals of America. My parents have instilled how important it is to go to school and get an education. Neither of my parents graduated high school. They tell me everyday how they wish they would’ve stayed in school. My mom received her GED but my dad didn’t. I will be the first in my family to graduate high school and continue on to college.

My plans for the future are attending Texas A&M in Corpus Christi to Major in Nursing. I want to become a Nurse Practitioner that specializes in pediatrics. I then plan on going to Med-School. After I will do my residency and move close to home to be near my family and do what I love!

Nurses have a special place in my heart for me. I was in the hospital for a while because I had multiple holes in my heart. On top of that I had kinks in my right kidney leaving me with only one functioning kidney. Thanks to the nurses that took care of me I’ve grown up to be a healthy young lady. For that I will forever be grateful to those nurses.

Helping out with Nurses at the Nursing Home has allowed me to gain first hand experience of what it’s like working with people. You have to be gentle, understanding and realize that they’re in pain. We have to do everything we can to help them get better! Being able to go to Guatemala gave me the chance to help less fortunate people understand how important it is to stay healthy. Being able to do these prepared me for my future to become a nurse.

My overall goal is to be able to help those in need and be the first in my family to go to college! With this scholarship I will be able to reach my goals and make my parents proud. My parents have done so much for me. I want to show them they did good raising me.