Rim Assil submitted 2020-07-17

My name is Rim Assil. I’m an aspiring student enthusiast about all what would give me a fresh opportunity to reach a better position and to thrive accordingly.

I consider hardworking along with the spirit of teamwork my most distinctive qualities, I believe that any academic, social or financial gap could be bridged through hardwork and persistence. I think that nothing could be as competitive as being able to constantly give the best of myself and never give up no matter how challenging the surroundings become.

My life full of fluctuations and hardships has effectively taught me so: having lived through the war in Syria, witnessed the bitterness of the farewell to family and friends, and seeing the economy getting shattered downgrading life standards massively was a dark, yet very instructive experience. Darkness elicits bright light and a rainbow with a sweet weather only come after the rain. My identity defines the pillars over which I base my principles, to hope and help others incessantly and attempting to learn some decent decision-making skills with a hard head and soft heart.

With the start of COVID-19 outbreak, I realized that I should offer my share and enforce the path towards bringing back normality. Despite having some spare money that could cover my upcoming expenses for some months and while also having high qualifications to apply for better paying jobs, in this hard times where every little contribution matters a lot and many people are impeded by various reasons from helping, I took the step of cashiering in Publix, a decision that aligns with my principles and would make me carry a noble mission. Getting in contact with a broad spectrum of people and examining their physiognomy, their interests and behavior has made more informed and at the same time more compassionate with the daily extreme varied set of emotions I can see. This job in the current situation makes me an active member of the society and is also a booster in my social experience that enhances the efficacy and gentleness with which I treat people. A part of the education is theoretical and is leanred in academic institutions but the other is practical and is built on direct and frequent contact with people, and it’s these two aspects that I’ll try to maximize throughout my journey.