Madison Jackson submitted 2020-09-03

I am Madison Jackson and am attending Baylor University in Waco, Texas. It has been my dream to attend Baylor since a Freshman in High School. Baylor is known for providing a world-class education but It comes at a high cost. My parents have saved for years to provide me the opportunity to attend. I took dual credit courses in high school and summer courses in order to apply to nursing school for early admission. I am very thankful to report that I was notified last month that I was accepted a semester early to the Louis Herrington School of Nursing in Dallas, Texas and will be starting Spring of 2021. My mother and I took a trip to Dallas last week before fall courses started to look at housing opportunities close the nursing school. I am also looking for a roommate to share the costs of living. Downtown Dallas is very different from where I grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas. Living and going to school in this large metropolitan area will afford me a variety of experiences and enhance my learning.

I have worked as a Life Guard over the last three summers saving for college. Life Guard training was my first experience with Basic Life Support. I received Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification. Working on the mannequin was nerve-wracking at first but as I practiced more I got familiar with the procedure. I think it is helpful to picture yourself having to perform CPR on a patron at the pool to help one gain confidence in the training. By doing so will allow the information to kick in automatically when the time comes that one will have to act. Since it is rarely something we have to do, I feel it is important to revisit the procedure and practice periodically to stay confident in the skills. I find that by personalizing material I am able to retain the information. For example, as I was learning the assessment, I pictured one of the children I knew from the pool. I found that if you relate symptoms to a person you know who has had what you are learning about, you are able to retain the information and apply it in a more effective manner. Another important aspect of performing CPR and life support is the physical ability. Strength and agility are imperative to successful resuscitation efforts. Typically, when initiating CPR, one will be in a setting where emergency personnel are not available and you will likely be required to perform compressions and breathing for an extended time. This can be exhausting and hopefully you will have others around who can help but you cannot count on that. Good physical condition is invaluable in life-saving measures. You also set yourself as a good role model for your patient population when you are in a healthy state. A victim of cardiac or respiratory arrest are experiencing a life-threatening episode. Initialing CPR can save lives but it may not. I advise CPR students to have an understanding that given all their best efforts they may not be successful at saving their victims. This is a realization we must all come to understand and be diligent about not blaming ourselves if our patient does not revive. Talking with others about our feelings is instrumental in ensuring our own mental well-being. The excitement to be ready at any moment to provide Basic Life Support or first aid is something that should drive one’s interest in taking care of people. I believe having this mindset is crucial in serving in a role as a healthcare worker.

I take great interest in the ACLS Scholarship for Healthcare workers because I myself have seen the importance of life-saving measures on my family. My grandmother required Advanced Cardiac Life Support only 4 months ago after suffering from a critical illness. She developed pneumonia and became septic due to an overwhelming infection. My grandmother and mother are both professional nurses and I am following in their footsteps. After seeing the paramedics in action with my grandmother, I am more certain than ever that I have chosen the right career for me as a nurse.

My grandmother required Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) by Paramedics in her home when her heart went into a lethal arrhythmia. I saw, first hand, what an amazing impact implementing CPR made on the saving of my loved one in her home. They transported her to the emergency department and the nursing staff went into prompt action caring for my grandmother. They started intravenous medication, administered oxygen, and started breathing treatments. Watching their actions inspired me to pursue my nursing education with even more passion than I already had.

My grandmother did not recover from her critical illness and sadly passed away after 4 days in the Intensive Care Unit. We mourn her loss but take great comfort in knowing that the medical team performed the best care available.

I received my acceptance into Louse Herrington School of Nursing just 8 weeks after my grandmother’s passing. I know she would be so proud of this accomplishment. Winning this scholarship will make such an impact by allowing me to pay the high cost of attending this state of the art nursing school and ultimately work in the Emergency Department at a large metropolitan hospital.