Iveth R Rojas submitted 2020-10-09

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been inspired to be in the healthcare world. Especially seeing my family members who are in the field from dental hygienist to OR Register nurse. I always admired their pressed iron scrubs to their stethoscope. My mother was the main one, she showed compassion, dedication to her work. My mother’s attention to detail with her patient care is what seek attention to her colleagues and the providers she works with. Once I started my career as a medical assistant, I learned new things on a daily day basis. Including phlebotomy, how to set up an IV, and how to remove a cast. I knew I wanted to expand my education and pursue my goals in nursing. Especially being a bilingual, this can help out in my career and others. My goal is to graduate from nursing school, I would love to work in the ER as a trauma nurse.