Mahlet Engida submitted 2020-10-10

I am interested in ACLS scholarship for HealthCare Providers because I have twelve years work experience in Health Care as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Licensed Vocational Nurse. Let me tel you about myself: I graduated as a Certified Nursing Assistant in 2008. I got my first CPR,First Aid , and AED Certificate from my school. Since then I have been taking CPR, First Aid, and AED class every two years to renew my certificate. I have been working in long term and short term care setting in nursing homes for twelve years. I am now advancing my education to BSN Nursing. I would love to show the skills and teach every details of Nursing and patient care for new students and health care providers.

I prepare myself for new situation by going over up to date information about CPR, First-Aid , and AED.

In my work setting we have deferent types of patients: some of them need frequent attention. And some of them you can monitor easily. What I do is I make sure I am prepared physically and mentally for whatever is going to happen , because in nursing you need to be ready . When I start my shift , I make my rounds make sure all patients are safe and sound then I take my report from the nurse . I prioritize my patients based on their needs. And I make sure I made myself familiar with their medical diagnosis. Especially as a nurse it is very important to know who has CPRand DNR.

I always practice CPR to make myself ready for emergency situation. It is very important to know where the emergency cart is and has all the necessary equipment like ambu bag , oxygen, nasal cannula, and also know where the AED bag is.

The best advice I have for new students and health care providers is: prepare yourself for anything that comes to your way. Be confident in your ability. Don’t hesitate to take action. Be a team player, this helps to ease your work in every situation.

Finally consistent training and education about CPR, First Aid , and AED for everybody in once family or in health care setting saves lives.