Rojas Puma Rubela Maria submitted 2020-10-29

Since I was a child I felt a great inclination for health sciences, because my father was diagnosed with hypertension, so my family and I were always in the hospitals for his disease control, sometimes I was waiting in the emergency area of the hospital seeing people act before the arrival of patients in ambulances, the aseptic air of the place stayed in my olfactory memory.

In my family no one works as a health care servant, so my inclination for the health area was a great novelty in my family, when I finished high school I signed up to be a nursing assistant, where I took the first aid course, but I realized that the level of teaching was very low, we lacked resuscitation dolls or any technology that could help us manage and improve the technique, we used volunteers instead of dolls, we watched videos and read books but we always lacked the intensity representing Basic Life Support in practice. As an anecdote, I can tell you that when I investigated in depth the difference in Basic Life Support, y management in neonates, obese, and pregnant women, and made it known to my classmates, they were amazed. I realized that sometimes, no matter how much intention I have to learn, constant training is necessary and by right we deserve a quality education which by the way there is none in my country, but that is no excuse for not seeking power by myself, To qualify myself for this reason, winning the scholarship would be an incentive for me to improve myself academically and share knowledge with my peers.

After the nursing school experience I realized that my mission was bigger, so I tried to be admitted to medical school for 2 years, when I finally got admitted I made an effort to learn and deepen my knowledge in CPR or BLS, I am currently still in a continuous learning improvement.

In Puno, my city, training is needed on Basic Life Support, RCP or BLS that is why the population does not know how to act in the face of such an incident, so it is normal to see news of choking or cardiac arrest with a fatal outcome, which could be prevented by someone that he knew how to handle RCP or BLS, heart failure leads to respiratory failure and in the same way respiratory arrest leads to cardiac arrest is therefore the crucial importance of understanding it, and I can say that what motivated me to be a doctor is fear is curious because it is precisely what health care providers should not have but I have it, I keep it in mind at all times, the fact that someone needs help and not being able to do anything is something that motivates me to study and train That’s why I use fear to turn it into freedom and security, when I learn something I know that when I go on the bus or elsewhere, the people around me who can be parents, children, sister, They will receive health care if they need it, i have the assurance that I will be able to help them and help with the best care to save their lives, that is why medical care providers assume a responsibility, when we are in our homes our neighbors do had an emergency they would call us because they assume that we are trained to provide Basic Life Support.

In this difficult stage of the covid-19 pandemic, my region, my country and the world have had a great blow due to the rates of infections and at the same time, there have been many cases of fainting, and endless situations that now before and later they will exist, that is why it is necessary to realize the importance of looking for information, studying and training ourselves, that is why I invite you to reflect, in the world right now there are several emergencies that could be attended by people who need the use of RCPor BLS, and someday that person could be you.

In conclusion, as Plato said: “Wherever the art of medicine is loved, humanity is also loved.” I can add that I love humanity, life is the fundamental right, and our purpose as health providers is to maintain it, prolong it and provide the medical care that you want the person you love the most in the world to have, the person you thought of when you read this, that’s why study, train yourself, even if there isn’t enough money, look for the means and resources, but above all don’t give up, someday someone will need you.