Fernando Ival submitted 2020-10-31

The medical field is important to me because I have always seen hospitals and clinics as an environment in the judgement of saving a person’s life or solving minor health issues. I strongly believe that I was put down on this earth to help save lives; however, I understand that I need to be knowledgeable of different scenarios for all sorts of sickly or injured people in order to be able to provide aid. I will prepare myself by handling the mental challenges of the hospital in forms of stress when moving along fast paced environments and to react to the trauma of patients.

To begin with, I will have to endure specific mental challenges that come as a result of becoming a nurse. For example, nurses are constantly exposed to stress in the fast-paced environment when handling multiple patients at a given time. As a nurse, it is my responsibility to treat such patients as fast as I can so that they can get back to living their daily lives without having to worry about any pending health issues. Being able to maintain composure while handling and viewing graphic situations, such as treating burns and wounds, is an extremely important skill to have. For instance, blood and wounds are a common setting for feeling queasy and maybe even fainting. Failure to remain calm in such situations can result in me becoming an added stress to the conflict, which is detrimental to not only myself but the patients as well.

Furthermore, I will also have to endure physical challenges within the productive lifestyle of being a nurse. Specifically, in hospitals, nurses tend to work extensive hours throughout the day or night, which can be physically exhausting. However, I am confident that I will have the strength and power to give patients the care they need regardless of what condition I am in. I would not let my physical exhaustion get the better of my mind since the reason why all of us do not go the extra mile is because our mind tells us not to– when in most cases, we can physically go an extra ten more steps. As for personal hygiene and self-care, I believe I am capable of staying hygienic and practicing self-care by keeping a positive mindset every day I wake up. Even if the day does not go as smooth as intended regarding personal issues, I will try to keep those feelings and energy at home so that I can still keep my composure. I understand that the hospital is a professional environment and by engaging in my own issues at work, I will only be creating more distractions and confusion for myself, deterring my mind from who and what I should be focused on.

To add on, professionalism is a key characteristic needed in virtually every career that drives anyone to be an overall good addition to the team. One important skill to have that upholds professionalism is commitment. In particular, I have been committed to my math classes throughout high school because they were not my strong suit; despite this, I gave my full effort and earned A’s because of my dedication to the class. Similarly, commitment in an environment, such as the hospital, would build my work ethic so that in tough situations I will not give up trying to comprehend what is happening even if the path of understanding my tasks will take time. Another quality that demonstrates professionalism and is crucial to have is teamwork. When I was a part of the trumpet section in the marching band, the section leader, Jose, and I helped our section become better in terms of maturity and growth; together, we made sure our section memorized the music and improved on issues in tone or the sound of the note. Teamwork in the hospital would be different; however, the one matter that will remain similar is being able to work with different types of people, such as coworkers and superiors, in an attempt to get the job done in the best way possible. Last but not least, the skills of problem solving and good judgement are valuable to have when working with unexpected circumstances. For example, when I worked for my father’s restaurant, there was a day where we received a huge order for Costco, and I was but a simple dishwasher. While my coworkers were occupied with making burritos, I took initiative and made tacos that were needed to complete the order. As I was making the tacos, I was constantly asking questions on how to perfect the order as well as attempting to quickly finish. From that experience, I learned that problem solving can be used to deal with unexpected situations by taking matters into your own hands and when it is all said and done, you can ask questions to your superiors or even coworkers on how to improve and be better.

In the end, my interest in the medical field will always have a place in my heart because I truly believe my purpose in life is to help people in ailments so that they can get back out in the world to fulfill their ambitions. The path to becoming a nurse will not be easy, but no one who has succeeded in life said it was easy. As everyone else, I will go through thick and thin in order to achieve my dream of becoming a nurse; however, I will be one of the few who will actually pull through and finish strong. In my years at Arizona State University, I will attempt to obtain every bit of knowledge and become prepared to face the mental and physical challenges that will stand in my way.