Riley Caldwells scholarship essay | Pacific Medical Training

Submitted 2021-06-26

I have done one of these essays before when I was becoming a CNA in healthcare, now I am becoming a CNA two while working a full-time job at the hospital. I can tell you it has been ups and downs of being a nurse or respiratory therapist. I very much would like to become something in healthcare of just loving taking care of people. I can tell you I have worked all through high school full time and now while doing classes at the college. I would love to get into the respiratory program with doing this I still have to do a full-time job because I did not grow up with the money why I am always working and school with no social life just so I can do what I love. As I said before I am becoming CNA two right now in school which I love. It can be so stressful at times in working in the hospital but knowing you have made a difference in somebody life is a whole knew level feeling in the body. Of course, I did not know what I wanted to do in healthcare but somehow God told me this one. Working at the hospital is a 12 hour shift a day while doing schooling while paying for things. I do not come from a lot of money and maybe you are saying that I am not going through the essay questions you have told me to answer. Let me say this, I work hard all my life to help my grandma when living with her and having a job while doing through high school just to pay for my graduation uniform just so she did not have to worry about not having the money. This money would help me so much just paying for the classes I did for the program going into. I have watch people die in this field, I have watch people slowly die for from cancer in this field, and I have seen people lose the people in a quick second with no signs of them not being ok. This field is hard but, have you seen the family who go home with smiles on their face, have you seen a difference it made it someone life to talk to them while they are in the hospital with no family to show up. Overseeing someone life, health, and death is such a stressful thing. I have such a caring heart I want to make a difference in persons live. I can say people do this for the money in healthcare, but I can say some of it would be nice but at the time it is not about that. I want to help people not always there for just a paycheck, I worked in a nursing home when I first became a CNA, I can tell you how hard it is in nursing homes. People are very understaffing while being underpay but you know why they are there? For the people to take care of them as if it was family members. I can say the nursing home I went to was caring staff, but the management was not. They wanted me to get up a grown men who weigh very much more then I did by myself no help! I said I can not do this they will be hurt, and I will as also but too understaffed to ask anyone for help in the busy shift. I had to leave from the nursing home when I realize I did not have the heart for it. As I went into the hospital to work, I was so afraid if it was for me anymore. I found out that everyone in Catawba valley hospital is nothing but a teamwork no matter what the day is like. The thing is “if we do not have teamwork, we all will fall” I have always loved this quote by my boss I have always believe the same thing while working in healthcare also to never thing you are being then anyone! No dumb questions, teamwork is a must, and always treat everyone equal no matter what is going on. Long story short I love this field and I hope you can find it in your heart to please help me show how much I want this. This is important to me more then you will know I just hope one day to become this in healthcare even if I cannot afford it.