'Deja Robertson''s scholarship essay | Pacific Medical Training'

Submitted 2021-08-04

Growing up, I could never picture myself doing anything but but coming a nurse. My maternal and paternal grandmothers were both nurses aids. I would sit all day and listen to their stories about the touching and inspiring moments that happened to them daily, as well as the heartbreaking experiences they had. It was a real human connection that made me fall in love with the idea of nursing as my profession. When both of my grandmothers became ill I assisted with the care and comfort of them and gained insight about the medical field on frequent trips to nursing homes and hospitals. The feeling I felt when talking to the nurses that cared for them, I knew that I wanted to be able to help someone feel that same way. Nurses require being a passionate, patient and caring person. I believe I have all of those characteristics as well as the drive to want to become a nurse. It is my goal to be able to use my skills and comfort to aid people in the healing process. Attending nursing school will provide me the skills and knowledge I need to make this dream a reality.

I have had many experiences in the hospital and nursing home setting that have prepared me for working as a nurse. In High school I took allied health where we learned about healthcare professionals and interned at Hartford Hospital and Avery Heights nursing home. The summer after graduation I took a CNA course at capital community college and received my CNA certificate. I then applied to work at Avery Heights and have been working there ever since.  Working as an aid for seven years there, is where I gained most of my hands on experiences caring for residents and working closely with the nurses. While working there I was a full-time student attending the University of Hartford where I received my bachelors degree in criminal justice. Upon graduating I’ve been working full time and taking prerequisite courses at Capital, Middlesex and Manchester Community Colleges in hopes of applying to an accelerated nursing program. My pathway changed once my father was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. I became the caregiver and power of attorney and took on a big responsibility being a young adult and the only child.

Instead of applying for a longer program I sought it best fit to apply p to Lincoln tech Institute licensed practical nurse program. Throughout the program I experienced challenges with the passing of my uncle and my father, but I remained a strong and dedicated student. I graduated the program and I am now applying to colleges in hopes to obtain my BSN. I look forward to bringing my experiences and knowledge into nursing school to further refine and use them. In nursing school I not only expect to gain knowledge but also to learn a new way of thinking. I understand that no two situations are alike, and many times a patient will present a triad of symptoms that require a combination of approaches. I hope to be able to gain practical experience experience to learn how to work cooperatively with other doctors and nurses to provide the most comfortable experience for the patient.