Shawnte Weeks' scholarship essay | Pacific Medical Training

Submitted 2021-08-04

Growing up in a family full of chaos and ER stories made my future of career deciding less difficult. As a son of an ER nurse, I got the experience of needing stitches to just gluing skin back together, broken bones turn into a regular thing, and blood is not so scary anymore. Not a thing about hospitals or traumas scares me, seeing first responders show up to an accident just excites me and causes me to have that desire of becoming an E.M.T. or trauma nurse. Taking the personality test showed that I am an adventurous human that is not ordinary. I most definitely agree with this assessment as it says, “Adventurers prefer to live in the moment, believing the here and now is what matters most.” I believe that no one knows the future so why worry about something no one can control. Planning for my future already is scary enough. Choosing a career that will potentially take all your time has its burdens, but if it is a career that you love, life will be full of interesting stories and enjoyable moments.

Deciding whether or not to pursue a career that would satisfy my interest in the medical field, I have found that being a trauma nurse would not only satisfy this interest, but it also appeals to me because of the pressure and excitement of not knowing what’s coming next. Growing up, I watched my mom grow with this same career, and her love and enthusiasm towards the profession, encouraged me to look into the job to see if this would be something that would give me the push to commit to the medical field, specifically in this job. This constant excitement will lead to a firm and enthusiastic dedication to the profession from the moment I decided on it, to the second I achieve the profession. As a trauma nurse it will take many steps to eventually reach my goal as a trauma nurse, first you must get your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Pass your National Council Licensure Examination, need a minimum of two years in emergency nursing programs, emergency nursing certification from the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing, finally take your Trauma Nursing Core Course from the Emergency Nurses Association. Life as a Trauma Nurse has perks and difficulties, but one of those perks is being able to live off the salary that is handed to you. Getting around $69,000 a year, $20.40- $38.65 hourly can get you high up in life and not have to worry about money Choosing a forever career is hard when you are still in high school and have your whole life ahead of you, but as a kid still I have two options, either being a trauma nurse or my second choice is being an E.M.T..Being a kind of person that wants to disappear from California and end up in a different state, Oklahoma is my first choice for college, Langston University in Oklahoma has an outstanding nursing program.

Picturing where I will be in ten years is unimaginable, alarming, and Insane. I see myself in ten years in Chicago or Seattle, in a hospital with a trauma unit, being very successful at my job, and of course loving what I do. As for being called adventurous by the personality test, which really brought the career path to my eyes. Becoming a trauma nurse or even an EMT will help me be who I am and to be adventurous. Doing these careers will never let me get bored, it will always keep me on my feet. After many years of loving what I do and successfully doing my job; my ultimate goal would become a trauma surgeon and be the head of surgery in my department. Being who I am, I want no regrets, I want no worries, and I want to live my life to the fullest.