Kimberlee Waller - journey of a med student

Submitted 2021-11-30

I live with my boyfriend and our two non-biological kids. I adopted my nieces (15 and 18 years old) about three years ago, and we have been working towards getting all of us through school. He is in a paramedic program, I am in nursing, my older niece is in pharmacy, and my younger niece is still deciding what to do. We have a full house of wonderful individuals. My boyfriend, nieces, and two dogs make up my support system for my journey through nursing school. My whole household is involved in the medical field in one way or another. I have custody of my two nieces, and I feel like I failed them in the past. I should have obtained custody of them sooner than I did, even though it may have been financially harder on me at the time. Those two children have helped me learn and grow so much as an adult. I work harder in life now that I have them, so I can give them the life they deserve. 

I am a current nursing student at Chamberlain pursuing my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I will graduate in March 2024. With my nursing degree, I hope to specialize in mental health nursing and become a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE nurse). I started in the medical field as a unit secretary on a med-surge unit, moved to a phlebotomist, then pharmacy technician, and now I currently work as an EMT for CareFlite. I have been here for three years and love it. I have enjoyed my career in the medical field, and I am looking forward to the next step in my educational goals. The medical field is always changing and there are always new opportunities out there. There will always be a need for people willing to devote their lives to helping others.

Nursing is a field that is always growing and changing. With discoveries, advances in biology and chemistry, new medications being released, and new diseases emerging nursing is a practice that will always be needed. SANE nursing is a field that is currently short-handed. Most nurses choose to specialize in a different field due to the stress and challenges that come with SANE nursing. That is why I have chosen that field. My experience with sexual assault victims has led me down a path to helping those that need it more than anything. I want to be there for people during some of the worst days of their lives.  In my free time, I plan to help the community. The arts help the community by giving people a creative way to express themselves. I hope to make a children’s summer art program open to my community for kids to come to learn to paint, draw, and color to their heart’s content. This way children have something to do during the summer while their parents are at work, and they can take home their art to be put on the fridge or hung on the wall as I would do as a child.