Jessica Hetu - a med student's journey | Pacific Medical Training

Submitted 2022-01-11

I am writing this to express why I am a good candidate for this scholarship. I am pursing my dream in the Radiologic Sciences Program at Chesapeake College, graduating in the summer of 2023. Within the past year and a half with the COVID pandemic, realizing Radiology was one of the many departments on the front line my passion grew stronger to be in this field. I am confident in my decision to pursue a career in Diagnostic Radiology, with my goal to become a successful radiographer. During COVID, we all struggled in many ways. I have a daughter who is considered high-risk, which lead to me homeschooling her for a year. Throughout the many obstacles it brought us, and the ups and downs it had, I believe it made both of us stronger. I am enrolled full time in the program and being a full-time single mother it has been hard to juggle work as well. I would utilize this scholarship for tuition, daycare, and any remaining school funds that are necessary.

Background on myself about why I chose Radiology is because, I was first introduced to Diagnostic Radiology when I was eighteen, working as a Diagnostic Operations Assistant. These early encounters are where my interest grew as I began to recognize the importance and diversity of Diagnostic Radiology. I proceeded to become a medical receptionist for the Radiology Department while attending community college in Virginia to start my prerequisites to apply for this program, which then lead me to transfer to a Radiology Clinical Coordinator at Stone Springs Hospital. This position is where I became enthralled with the idea of working as a Radiology Technologist. At the hospital I was an active member of the Records Management team, Employee Advisory group, Hand-washing committee, and received the ICARE Award in August of 2018.

It became evident to me during my clinical experiences that Radiology and caring for patients is a huge passion of mine. My personal goals are to become a Registered Radiologic Technologist. My medical training, strong work ethic, and disciplined self-management skills prepare me for all the challenging attributes of the profession.

I was raised in a family that has always placed great emphasis on hard work, integrity, and commitment. I pride myself on the strong work ethic they have instilled in me. I am also a personable and energetic individual and want to contribute that to the healthcare field.

Thank you for your consideration.