Madison Magill - personal growth in med essays

Submitted 2022-01-25

My name is Madison Magill, and I’m pursuing a career in. I’m currently enrolled in Trocaire College’s Registered Nursing Program. I’ve been interested in the Healthcare Field since I was little. My mother was working towards her Nurse Practitioner, and I was always looking at the anatomy textbooks trying to pronounce every word I saw. I’ve always looked up to my mother and aspire to be a great healthcare provider like her. With twins my mother had managed to raise me and my brother as a single mom and still complete her degree. She is one of the strongest women I know. Since covid unfortunately it has been difficult because she had gotten Covid Pneumonia which has set her back quite a bit. She’s and always will be a fighter. My mother had thankfully beaten covid and is working on getting back into the swing of things. She helps me in my studies with such great advice from her own personal experiences. She is one of the reasons that I want to pursue healthcare. Trying to get every experience I could possible I had interviewed for the Boces New Vision Healthcare Program. In highschool I had passed my interview and had been accepted into the Erie One Boces New Vision Healthcare Program where I had been able to shadow nurses and doctors in all different fields inside and outside the hospital. One of the fields I wish to pursue is Emergency Medicine. In my time shadowing nurses and doctors the fast passed ER is something that had been the most fitting for me. No matter who the patient was what background they came from they were having an emergency and needed care right away. In other aspects of emergency medicine that had interested me had been Forensic type emergency medicine. In these instances people had either been through domestic or sexual abuse. This isn’t a particularly popular field within emergency medicine, but I’ve sadly had been exposed to many of patients that fall into this category and I want to be someone that they can trust and feel comfortable with during their time of need. Meanwhile, in high school is where I had also been Volunteering at my local fire department taking after my mother when she was my age and my stepfather. I loved it, the experiences when volunteering is like no other. I have received many compliments of professionalism and feelings of comfort from patients for someone of my age working/volunteering in this field. The members of the fire hall were all like a family to me, and they had pushed me to get my Emergency Medical Technician Certification when I was 17. I completed that task at 18 and switch over to a Volunteer Emergency Medical Service Company thirty minutes from my house. I practically lived there. I had down my homework there while waiting for calls to come in. If I had not been a provider there then whoever needed help might not have gotten it right away. Having a real niche for helping those in their time of need and watching them smile as I tell them jokes to defuse the situation had been a really great quality of mine. During this time of Volunteering one of the calls I had, stuck out to me. This was a call at my local fire department I was in class at the time, but there was a Cardiac Arrest at the local horse barn that my family goes to all the time. That day had been very cold and snowy. I knew my stepfather had been working at the barn but he had just got a clean bill of health from his primary so naturally you hold on to that hoping the best. I didn’t think it could be one of my family members because as far as I knew in my family was very healthy and had no health concerns. Unfortunately on December 1st of 2020 my stepfather who had a huge impact on me going into Emergency Medical Services had passed. He had been working at the barn because the owner had gone through some changes and needed some extra help. He didn’t have to help but that’s just the kind of person he was. He had always been there for you at your worst. He had so many great qualities and it breaks my heart I can’t tell him what I’m doing today. During this time and only working in EMS for a few months I really never understood what it had been like to lose someone you love until that moment in my life. This had been a huge eye-opener for me. Responding to cardiac arrests of people who I’ve never met I never truly understood what the families had been going through. Since his passing it’s changed my life completely. I am way more empathetic towards families I respond to going through the same thing I had once gone through. This has been something as a student I wouldn’t have learned through textbook rather than from my own personal experiences. Since he passed I made it my goal to be awarded EMT of the Year like he had been when he was my age and that is exactly what I did. I was awarded EMT and Rookie of the year and had maintained the highest amount of volunteer hours in a volunteer company of more than 900 people. I was the youngest cleared EMT. I go on calls knowing on each call I went to he would be there to guide me and keep me and my patients safe. My stepfather was a great man and I wish to make him proud by achieving another goal of mine of becoming a Registered Nurse like I had always told him I’d be. I aspire to be the best advocate for my patients current and future and to bring such positivity and joy like my stepfather had done to so many people. He is a great role model for any new and aspiring healthcare. This PDF document was created with CKEditor and can be used for evaluation purposes only. provider. Thank you for reading why I’m pursuing healthcare and I hope you consider me for the scholarship. Stay healthy and safe. This PDF document was created with CKEditor and can be used for evaluation purposes only.