Lori Spiewak - Insightful Med Scholarship

Submitted 2022-01-28

Since the pandemic began, I have continued to maintain my full-time status in both school and employment. As a nursing student and patient care technician, I was able to see first hand the need for healthcare. Working with COVID 19 patients at numerous local hospitals, I was fortunate enough to maintain my mental and physical health, validating my thoughts that not only am I needed but that I am ABLE to support others. As the rest of the world continued to suffer, I worked my hardest to support those who needed it without ever asking for help for myself. This is what motivates me to exhaustively continue obtaining my nursing degree-seeing others in need while seeing that I myself have the capabilities and opportunities to help them.

Aside from my internal drive to help others in time of need, and appealing facet of healthcare is that its services will be necessary for the remainder of my life. As such, this field’s job security is paralleled to none. When obtaining my undergraduate degree straight out of high school, I chose a path that was fulfilling to my instant gratifications and relevant to the time and environment. Being so young I was not concerned with job security, opportunity or location. Maturity has thankfully allotted me perspective to which, I eagerly make use of. My goal remains to complete my last year of school in nursing to continue supporting, healing and providing excellent service care to the community around me. I cannot stress the importance of supporting and progressing the community in which you live. Obtaining a career that promotes my happiness and well being as well as those around me is a gift to be respected and admired. It is easy to check in and out of a job, showing up to get the paycheck without being invested to the entity’s success. Healthcare is a unique career in that the consumer is also the employee. This relationship allows for motivation of the best possible outcomes. After graduation, I look forward to welcoming numerous opportunities to support myself and those around me. My goal is to obtain a Registered Nurse position at a local healthcare facility. Maintaining a career within the neighborhood I reside provides ample motivation to demonstrate service excellence in patient care. Being able to see and experience multiple of the same things as your clients is an invaluable asset to have as a provider. This relationship allows a rare insight and trust between consumer and provider. I hope to positively impact the lives of those I work with in numerous ways. As an experienced healthcare employee, I strive to provide consistent encouragement and assistance in any encounter I experience. As a student, I am provided the experience of being the consumer, vulnerable, inexperienced and seeking support and guidance from those around me. These dual roles have given me the opportunity to experience, and therefor relate, to both ends of the spectrum. Community, education and physical and mental health are vital staples in our society today. As such, I feel inclined to experience and support these entities. By continuing my education and then using that education to support the community around me, I hope to enable the most positive outcomes possible. As I cannot help everyone , I will therefor begin helping myself and those around me.