Samantha Rogers - med essay | Pacific Medical Training

Submitted 2022-03-09

One topic I have changed my mind on in the past three years is what I want to do after college. If you had asked me freshman year, I was set in stone of being an athletic trainer. After I had watched my high school trainer just basically getting water for the athletes and not seeing really any medicine being done, I thought of something else. Junior year, I thought I wanted to be in the school teaching kids math and applied to college originally as a Secondary Education: Mathematics B.S. I very fast realized that teachers do not make a lot of money and it was not for me. Now, I am pursuing a degree in Sports and Exercise Science to then apply to Physicians Assistant programs. Instead of going the medical field route, I have decided to combine medical school and fitness school. My major will be in Sports and Exercise Science. I chose this route because if I end up not wanting to go into a PA program, I can use my degree and help teach PE or be a sports fitness instructor, the ideas are endless. Overall, I want to help save lives.

Becoming a PA takes less time than becoming an MD. PAs spend more time on patient care. I want to advocate for those who might not have anyone to stand up for them. I want to study harder tonight so that tomorrow I do something for the better. PAs work shorter, more regular hours. I’m a team player, I will value the support and trust from my future primary physician and I will work hard to maintain a strong positive relationship even in the face of adversity. PAs have flexible careers. I want to be a PA because to me there is no greater profession, rewarding both financially and mentally and I can’t wait to finish and call my current incredible faculty, colleagues. Before I graduated, if I could have known one thing I wish it would have been how to save money early on. I did not really understand how expensive college was going to be until I got my Fall 2021 student bill. I have been saving my whole life but I never learned in school how to properly save money. I now know that I should save on a 20/80 scale. Where I can spend 20% of my pay and save the other 80% in a savings account. I started to do that this semester and I have saved way faster then I used to. I am now in my second year of the program and I absolutely love it. When I graduate, I plan to apply to as many Physicians Assistants programs as I can and hopefully get accepted. I want to continue to be an Orthopedics PA in the end.