Keshia Momperousse - perspectives on healthcare

Submitted 2022-03-24

Emergency medical care is when you are faced with an emergency relating to an illness or an event that threatens the health and life of someone. The way that I would prepare myself mentally and physically before clocking in is taking care of me. Let go of the emotions from the pr shift, but learn from it. Eating healthy and staying hydrated. Before starting your shift you can meet with the team leader to go over things that you felt you could have been more successful in. come in with a positive energy no matter how over it you feel. When you force positivity into your mind it sticks. If you believe you’re going to have a crappy shift you most likely will.

Make sure your essay is original and unique.  I used to work in the ER that is the most stressful place to work in. We made it happen. The key to support one another, be empathetic and caring. Respect.