Mariana Shlemoon - medical scholarship essay

Submitted 2022-05-17

What are life-saving techniques and how will I prepare mentally and physically throughout my career? Life-saving techniques are techniques medical assistants use to save patients’ lives. I am not a medical assistant yet but, I am going to study health and medicine when I start college in the coming fall of 2022. I am going to Arizona State University for four years to get my bachelor’s degree in medical studies pre-med. I chose to major in medical studies because I want to get my master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies. In the future, I plan to work in a healthcare environment to save lives every day. To prepare for this, I will study at Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University to gain knowledge on how to save a life in the healthcare field. I have taken classes in high school to help me gain knowledge about health and medicine. During high school, I took Biology, Chemistry, Medical Science, Human Physiology, and Sports Medicine. These classes helped me learn about the human body and how to work in the healthcare field with the stuff I learned.

In Biology, I learned about cells and organisms and how they work in the body. I learned a lot more about how babies are born with offspring from their genetics. In Chemistry, I learned about the chemicals used in science, and in Medical Science I learned more about the body and health disorders. In Human Physiology, I learned more about the entire human body and its parts on how each system works in a human. In Sports Medicine, I learned about parts of the body and how it works, tape an ankle, or tape an injured bone or muscle, CPR, muscles, and bones, and how to take care of injuries of those who were on the field or court. As an incoming first-year student, I will take all the knowledge that I learned in my high school classes that relate to health and medicine and use it with the more knowledge I will gain in college. Using the knowledge, I learned in high school will help me mentally and physically on how to save a life throughout my career. I plan on joining other student organizations related to health to get more and better knowledge of what I am going to do in the future. At Arizona State, I plan to join two clubs that will help me gain more knowledge about health and medicine. I will join ASU’s HOSA Club and ASU’s Pre-PA Club at Downtown Phoenix to learn more about what I will do in my future. For HOSA and Pre-PA Club, they offer volunteer hours at clinics, doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other healthcare places that are great to learn and see what healthcare workers do in their everyday life at work. Although, I am open to working with all options as a Physician Assistant because I love to work anywhere to save a life every day at work. With the things I learn in college, I will use everything as a resource once I start to work where I will end up as a PA. I will use these because I want to save a life and I am extremely serious because I want to help make a change for those who are suffering right now in this world. For example, I will use SOAP as a talking strategy to communicate with patients to see what is wrong with them. SOAP stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. Getting the SOAP from the patient will help me determine what is wrong with the patient and help them with what they are going through. Whether the patient is an athlete, a baby, a toddler, etc. I will find a way to cure the patient with whatever they are going through in this period with me in the doctor’s office.

To conclude this topic, mentally and physically, I will prepare myself for my future career as a PA by grabbing all the knowledge I gained from high school and my post-secondary studies after 6 total years in college. Using SOAP to communicate with a patient is one of the best strategies I will use to communicate and help save the life of each patient I will get every day. Using the tools, I have learned and will learn in more depth about in college will help me become successful at work individually and with other healthcare workers who have the same passion. Mentally and physically, I will prepare myself as a Physician Assistant by staying calm before I see a patient and talking to them using the techniques I have learned throughout high school and college.