Jordan Arnold - medical scholarship essay

Submitted 2022-05-26

I am a firm believer in self-care. I participate a lot in self-care while working in my field. I learned the hard way that not taking time for yourself can’t really effect how you react to certain situations at work. Like for example when I first started working in healthcare, I was working at a nursing home. I didn’t last very long there because I became very overwhelmed and stressed with having clients pass away. I had a client that began having a stroke on my shift and ended up passing out. My client ended up no having a pulse, and it was up to me to perform CPR because he didn’t have a Do Not Resuscitate Order. After several minutes of CPR my client did not make it. I was very overwhelmed and upset by the fact that I couldn’t save his life. I had also been working tons of doubles back to back and I hadn’t been getting a lot of sleep . So long story short I wasn’t taking care of myself. So once I had lost my client after trying very hard to save his life, I snapped and ended up leaving my job.

Over the years I have earned that it is very important to take personal time for yourself, and to get plenty of rest. I have a very weak immune system, so when I work myself to hard I get really sick. So to avoid that I give myself a limit on over time that I pick up. I also designate my Sundays which are one of days off, and all I do that day is self-care. Either Ill get a massage, or I will do face masks and hairs masks with my husband then sit back and watch my favorite movie. I will also just do things that I really enjoy, whether I go and get my nails done with my friends or go have lunch with my momma. My best advice to future healthcare workers is to take care of yourself.  It took me a long time to figure out that as much as I love taking care of people , its very important to take care of myself as well.

I think the best way that I can prepare myself mentally and physically to perform life-saving techniques is to just take one day at a time and not take situations personal, and to really take care of myself.  I have never been able to handle death very well. Whether its was someone that was close to me or if it was someone hat had no connection to me at all but had connection to people I knew or if they were a client. Death has always hit me very hard emotionally. But over the years I have learned to not take situations personal, especially when it comes to my work life. I will work on not taking work home with me water a bad day, and before my shift is over I will reflect on how my day went. And whether it was good or bad, I will reflect on how I handled certain situations so that in the future I will know what to do differently if I make a mistake.