Tobby Uzodinma - medical scholarship essay

Submitted 2022-06-09

My name is Tobby Uzodinma, I am currently enrolled in the Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program at Walden University.

I am the third child of my parents. I have 7 other siblings. I have one son who is one year old, his name is Sanon, and he was named after my father.

I have been struggling all my life to upgrade my status so that I would be in a good position of raising my son, giving him a good life, and also good education. I am the only one currently enrolled in college out of the eight children of my parents. I have been trying my best to elevate my status and be a good example to others; precisely, my son, brothers, sisters, and the community at large. I am a cardiac nurse and currently work twice a week due to the nature of my school schedule and itinerary. I have a passion for taking care of others, especially the vulnerable who are incapable of caring for themselves. I am a very caring person with a passionate heart.

I decided to go into the medical field so that I can properly utilize my gift of passion to care for the sick, not just to care for them, but also to sympathize and empathize with them in all dimensions of life. I have always had a passion for caring for sick people, and everybody in my life says that I will be a good, remarkable, and outstanding nurse practitioner that will make a difference. Currently, my life is dedicated to my studies and my son. The psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program consumes almost all of my time, I do not have a social life and time for myself. My whole time and concentration are dedicated to my studies and my son. I am trying my possible best to ensure that I graduate from this advanced program with a good GPA so that I won’t disappoint those that are looking up to me as their motivator, good example, and role model. I would say that currently, I am doing great in my studies. Additionally, I have been doing well ever since I was enrolled in college. I have always been a good example in every aspect of life; particularly, in my career as a registered nurse.

Currently, I do not have any assistance from anywhere, it is just me and my son in this whole wide world. I do not have a full-time job; presently, I work two days a week due to my tight school itinerary. I am very creative, hard-working, and very ambitious too. I have undergone a lot of obstacles in life, more especially now that I am currently working a few hours due to a tight schedule in school. I have gotten to various frustrating points of almost quitting my education due to financial challenges like difficulty affording my school supplies, and tuition. But I have always been courageous, and never given up. I have rather motivated myself, by consoling myself that today might be too rough, but tomorrow will be better. I am thankful to God that I have been pushing it through and will be graduating next year to become a Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. I am kindly pleading that my application for this Scholarship be granted, as this would empower me the more. Furthermore, this Scholarship would give me the confidence that I am not alone in this world. It would also give me the courage and empowerment that my education would be completed without any financial hindrance. Please kindly put my application into consideration, I would be very appreciative if my application is granted. This would motivate me that I would graduate without any financial troubles. I am promising that I would also give back to the community once I graduate from school, just as I am about to be assisted by some good Samaritans out there like the Scholarship donors. I would also give back to the community once I am done with my Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program. I would participate as a donor and would definitely donate funds to those who would also need assistance in completing their education. Additionally, I would help my community by setting up programs where individuals who do not have adequate finances or insurance for health care can go and get their blood pressures, pulse, heart rate, eyes, blood sugars, and complete physical, mental, and behavioral assessment checked out. I am willing to give back to my community at large when I graduate from school. I know where I came from, I came from nothing, from a very poor background. Thanking you in anticipation for your kind assistance and consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Tobby Nwaubani Uzodinma.