Brooklyn Kopcha - medical scholarship essay

Submitted 2022-06-12

My name is Brooklyn Kopcha and this year I will be attending Northern Arizona University studying under the fall 2022 nursing program. This Nursing program while at a small school is very competitive requiring me to get a 4.0 my freshman year and while it will be hard I will do it. While I am attending for the nursing program that is not the end career goal I have for my future it is more so a stepping stone to get me there. To start off with my educational goals I am starting off with the nursing program where I will be for four years, and I am striving and determined to graduate at the top of my class with my BSN and afterwards I will be an official Registered Nurse. After obtaining my degree my next step is to further my skills towards my desired career through training under a program in the field to become a Labor and Delivery specialist in the Nursing program. After two years when I am considered to be comfortable in the field I will be applying to become a Certified Nurse-Midwife Practitioner where I will go back to school and apply to Georgetown University and graduate with my DNP or Doctor of Nursing Practice. Meaning that after I will have the title of an official Nurse Midwife Practitioner and will apply to Saint Mary in Tucson where I have a few connections within the hospital in the hope to be accepted for the position. My life goal is to be able to help women all around the world in one of the most important moments in theirs lives. Every single day more and more stories of Mistreatment and malpractice are told from women all around the world and its truly sickening while not a lot there are some doctors and nurses in the world that do not do their job because they care for their patient but only because they care for the paycheck they receive every two weeks and It’s disheartening to hear. Giving birth should not be one of the areas where women care based on the doctors paycheck that week. Many times when giving birth women are actually overlooked and under spoken because they do not feel comfortable telling the doctor that something is wrong or even if they do the doctor does not believe them. University of Arizona Pharmacy instructor Jennifer Schnellman told the story of a woman with a rare DNA abnormality where her pain receptors didn’t react to certain pain medicine. After telling this to the doctors helping her deliver her baby they acknowledged it and gave her the epidural and went on with her birth. Following this some complications arose and the doctors were forced to Perform a C-Section, after telling the doctors she could feel everything they did not believe her under the impression she may have been a drug addict which was untrue the woman sat there having to bear a C-section with no pain medicine. That woman was unfortunately Jennifer herself who now shares her story to all of her classes, so they will be more informed and caring than the doctors that did this to her. Malpractice unfortunately goes unnoticed in the industry often and while I am just one person I truly hope to make a difference. My true goal is for all my future patients to have to worry for one second that they are in the hands of someone who doesn’t care. I want to make a difference and that is my goal and everything stated in this essay are just the stepping stones that will help me make it there. I am extremely passionate about my career but I need help in order to get me there. I will make a difference in the medical field even if I am just one person. It is my ultimate goal for my life. Thank you for your time and consideration for this scholarship. My name is Brooklyn Kopcha. You can reach me at Thank you so much for the opportunity and consideration for this scholarship. Have a great day and I hope to hear from you soon!