Trevor Avery - medical scholarship essay

Submitted 2022-07-08

I want to work in healthcare because I find the field an excellent match for my strengths and personality. I’m a great student, which is necessary if you want to get to a great school like this one. My communication skills also stand out, and I believe in having what it takes physically and mentally to handle the pressure of any job in healthcare. What’s more, I have several healthcare workers in my family who are role models for me with the service they do for the local community.

I am not interested in some investment banker job or a place in a big corporation, moving money around, creating products that aren’t even necessary, and often not knowing what you are working on, spending all your days in front of a computer screen. 

Healthcare is so much different. Even when you have a primary position–such as a medical assistant or patient transporter, you always know your place in the ecosystem of a hospital or medical practice; you have contact with patients and can sense the impact you have on their lives. It makes all the difference for me, and I cannot imagine working in another field than healthcare.

I feel that healthcare professionals are as needed as ever. And I do not refer only to the pandemic. People who are not blind can see many children suffering from allergies and diseases. What’s more, cancer is ever more prevalent, and so are the so-called conditions of civilization. In my opinion, each of us should try our best to help the issue. Some people may focus only on their own lives and diet–one patient less is always welcome. But someone who feels a calling to help others–like I do, should aspire for a healthcare career. At least that’s my opinion.

I am particularly interested in healthcare and nursing because I’ve had a good experience with nurses. Suffering from severe gastrointestinal issues, I frequented the hospitals as a child. And it wasn’t easy, as you can imagine. You want to play with friends and go to school as a child. The last thing you want to spend weeks on end in the hospital. But the nurses made my time there so much better. And I fell in love with the career and decided that one day I would do the same, to pay back the favor. I love the feeling of helping someone overcome a severe disease and return to everyday life.