Rolanda Sturdivant - Passion for Medicine: My Scholarship

Submitted 2022-07-21

I am currently a senior at Governors State University. In the year of 2022, I have obtained my bachelors degree in Community Health. Immediately following my bachelors degree, I will begin the masters program for occupational therapy. Occupational therapists focus on the upper part of the body. Seeing this type of therapist allows an individual to rebuild their fine motor skills. For example, a patient who has suffered from a severe injury will learn how to activate individual finger movement. While attending Governors State University, I have taken the courses: general psychology, abnormal psychology, medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology I with lab, physics I with lab, general chemistry I with lab, and orientation to occupational therapy. The following courses have helped me to gain a better understanding of the human body and the physiological phenomena of human beings, which is essential for the medical field.

I was born prematurely, weighing one pound and six and a half ounces. As a preemie, I endured certain developmental setbacks; I did not have the ability to utilize my fine motor skills. At such an early age, I was given the opportunity to see an occupational therapist along with other specialists. Seeing an occupational therapist helped me greatly because I quickly learned how to use the upper part of my body. Despite my mother acting quickly after my birth, achieving normal development milestones took time for me, considering that I had to learn at a slower rate.

I’ve decided to become an occupational therapist because I desperately want to enter this field of study to help others live a healthier life. I would like to tell my story to my future clients to serve as their motivation to help them excel in their therapy sessions. As an occupational therapist, I will have patience at all times. For example, if a client began to cry during a session, I will serve as a comforter. As an occupational therapist, I will listen to their concerns.. I will also encourage them to remember that better days are ahead of them. Due to going through a similar experience as my patients, I have gained a deeper understanding of how my clients will feel. It is mandatory for occupational therapists to have empathy. It is essential that clients feel as though their voices are audible at all times. If a client was to confess their fears, I would say that it’s only normal to feel that way. I feel as though it is beyond important for my patients to feel as though they can talk to me about anything, especially pertaining to occupational therapy. As a future occupational therapist, I plan to be my clients friend, spiritual leader, and to serve as their motivation.