Luisa Campusano - empathy & dedication: My med scholarship

Submitted 2022-07-31

For me to be passionate about something I must be able to be consistent with it.  A healthy lifestyle includes several aspects, such as nutritious food, frequent exercise, an appropriate amount of sleep, and a positive attitude. My life feels more organized and on the correct track when I complete all of the crucial parts of healthy living. I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle because essential for me to feel well and psychologically prepared for the challenges of nursing school.

For me to have a well-rounded experience as a nursing student I need to have a great mentality. Every day there is an ambulance of pressure because of how much information I have to pick up in a short amount of time. In addition, the workload of being a student requires a lot of time studying. On average, I usually study for three hours for one class in order to feel I have grasped concepts. Unfortunately, for a student like me who studies for multiple classes, I  have a higher chance to be burned out. If I were to be burned out it would lead to a lack of motivation, exhaustion, and feelings of frustration. In other words, it is essential for me to do things outside of school. I push myself to do at least one hour of working out and listening to music. At this time I’m physically keeping myself active and not just sitting at my desk studying. Another example of something I do for myself is to do my skincare treatments. Skincare treatments, such as applying a mask for ten minutes, are enjoyable to me since I’m doing something beneficial for my appearance. I’m actively doing something that I enjoy without having to worry about my education. Doing things outside of nursing school allows me to have fun. All students who are striving to work in the medical field must take into account things they enjoy doing as I have shared previously. It is important to do them to continue to keep achieving goals.  In conclusion, a physically active lifestyle minimizes not only stress but reduces the chances of developing burnout in students.

Nutrition is also a factor in my lifestyle. I make sure I stray away from artificial sugary drinks and consume at least three liters of water a day. Typically, I cook my own meals at home. I always meal prep for each day so I don’t feel inclined to purchase any food outside. If I consume fast food, I’m more likely to feel sluggish and not energetic for the day. I tend to feel in a joyful mood during class time and clinical with fellow nursing students. It is necessary for all nursing students to have energy for the day because of the long hours of being in a clinical setting. In addition, energy is needed for studying when getting home. A few examples of what I normally consume are multigrain, strawberries, blueberries, and wild-caught fish. This not only makes me feel organized but allows me to make smart decisions on what goes into my body and gives me proper nutrition. In the same light, sleep is important for me to get for not only school but for my patients. Sleep is salient to me because my body and mind need the time to recuperate. Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can make anyone feel less motivated, yawn throughout the day, and even affect multiple body functions. In addition, being sleep deprived can alter how much a person performs at work, school, and attitudes towards people. Even appearing tired to my patients would make me feel unease because I won’t be as alert and they won’t feel confident that I will perform the best quality of care. Moreover, for me to have the right nutrition and sleep not only benefits my physical and mental health but my patients. I suggest all students should take in consideration as well.

A healthy lifestyle includes several aspects. Doing things outside of nursing schools allows me to do what I want to do and maintain my happiness. To have the ability to do something I enjoy gives room for me to feel like I’m having fun. When I do these few things my life feels more organized and prepared. Sleep and a well-balanced diet allow me to function at my best ability for school and the lives I will be taking care of. The time spent working out allows me to destress and forget the moments of any responsibility. My advice for any students is overall find something you enjoy and make time to do it. Hence, allows me to feel my best self mentally and physically.