Brittany Hatchett - medical scholarship | Pacific Med Training

Submitted 2022-08-18

My primary reasons for pursuing doctoral studies at Colorado Christian University is my nursing ethics align with Colorado Christian University’s missions statement in being able to embody the character and compassion of Jesus Christ. I want to continue my education at an institution that holds the same ethical and professional standards as I do and that will help me make the greatest impact in the nursing community while holding true to these standards. As a recent graduate from Lubbock Christian University I see the importance of having a Christ centered community for academics and only want to move forward into a doctoral program that shares the same values and standards. I have always taken pride in knowing that I chose to go to a University that embodies helping students by using hearts, minds, and hands in their service. I will continue to use my calling in order to help those in need by way of the Lord.

Completing a doctoral degree at CCU will influence my personal and professional development in nursing by allowing me to work in an evidence-based care setting where I can be apart of influencing policies and procedures. From a personal standpoint CCU will allow me to pursue personal growth in Christ. As said in Hebrews (6:10-11) “everything you do in your journey of self-improvement, including serving others in love, matters to God. He wants you to be diligent in meeting others’ needs as well as managing your own. God doesn’t want you only focusing on yourself but growing in Christlikeness as you give back to others”. This scripture really speaks to me in remembering that as I grow personally and professionally I am still a servant of Christ and will be mindful of others needs as well as my own. Developing professionally with a doctoral degree would ensure that I am able to be diligent in helping others by encouraging my focus toward evidence based research and up to date polices and procures.

I am currently working in outpatient utilization review management as a nurse for Baylor Scott and White. As a utilization review nurse I review cases and medical records to hep decide on appropriate plan of care. This is achieved by using medical criteria, clinical information, consulting with Medical Directors and/or Pharmacy, and communicating with providers to ensure that policy and procedures have been followed and the decision was made within timeliness. As a utilization review nurse I also request clinical, write medical necessity denials, and refer members to internal and external disease management programs. It is also essential to my role that I participate in audits, process improvements, and stay up to date on policies and procedures with all lines of business.

I have always had a passion for women’s health. Even while in nursing school I worked as a Certified Nurse Assistant at a local hospital in the staffing department so I was able to work on every floor of the hospital. I always felt drawn to the women and children areas of the hospital because of an experience I had when I was a child. At a young age I stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital. This was of course during the Christmas season and I will never forget the way the nurses made me feel and how they went above and beyond for me. I knew from a young age because of this experience that I wanted to become a nurse. I love to educate and feel that by educating patients we give them power to have a voice in their healthcare. I was fortunate enough recently to have done a research project with Dr. Long at LCU. This project was entitled, “Do women who receive an epidural during labor have a decreased rate in successful breast feeding?”. I was recently honored to be picked to present at the 46th Biennial Convention in 2021 and since then have found myself further fascinated with research and statistics. I would be overjoyed to be a part of the DNP program at CCU and further my calling for educating with research and progress in the medical field.

One of values that shapes my thinking/behavior is being a servant of the Lord. Being able to help heal people from a holistic approach and understanding that medicine is more than just a pill that can be prescribed. Being able to help enable patients a peace of mind and a healed spirit is a behavior that I find to be critical in the nursing field. I am always of a mindset of being aware that patients come to us at their most vulnerable time of their life, and trust us to take care of them in this crucial time of need. It is truly a calling from God to take care of the sick, we all take an oath as nurses and pledge to dedicate ourselves to be devoted to in service to human welfare. As a nurse of Christian faith it is a deeper desire to devote myself to serving people and growing in Christ as I am able to serve others in love. Being sick sometimes you need to have faith that you are going to heal and get better. Just as Christians we have faith that the Lord will guide us and show us the way, Hebrews (11:1) says that, “faith is the substance of things hoped for: the evidence of things not seen”. In the end it will all come down to faith, the faith that we have in humanity and the faith that we put in God.