Ebram Adel Awad Estafanous - medical scholarship

Submitted 2022-08-25

It’s well known that providing careful, effective and immediate care is very crucial for any patient’s health. Providing such care is demanding from any healthcare provider to be ready , to be eligible mentally and physically to help the patients. Having studied and involved for years in medical community is holding a great responsibility on me. Growing up in a poor village with weak medical services has pushed me to be a healthcare provider to help my people. To provide emergency medical care , I should know well the trainings and skills that are required in resuscitation or basic life support, I should trust myself I could do them in the best way. Confidence is required and acquired by hard work and practicing. No doubt that Medical knowledge is evolving, so we should be cope up and be updated, new techniques and maneuvers appear , some become obsolete and no longer used. Here is an example Forceps which are devices that have several uses such as instrumental vaginal delivery, forceps have many types , one of them is high forceps which can be used when the fetal head is not engaged but with practicing , it has become not appropriate in modern obstetrics because of risk to the fetus and mother, so medicine is always evolving and that is an important thing to consider. 

Having good knowledge and expertise is acquired through practicing. You may know that head tilt / Chin tilt maneuver is used to help the patient to open the airways to help them to breath but it should be avoided if there is C-spine injury , so the maneuver could turn from benefiting the patient to nearly fatal so having the good knowledge and enough practice helps you to avoid these issues. As an emergency healthcare provider, it is so crucial to be updated with modern techniques, researches and information that are absolutely helping , one should always seek to up to date by for example asking questions as I have mentioned before , knowing the accurate information for sure will help you the do the right thing for the sake of the patient without causing damage. I do hope to pass what I have learned to help the other students to lighten their minds of what they could face in their career.

Taking care of myself is very important to take care of the other people around me. Working as emergency room technician, medical staff or nursing students will put you under tough situations where you will be very exhausted, very busy saving peoples’ lives and under certain circumstances that you may find yourself spending a long time on your feet or exposure to a lot of stress, you may find yourself dealing with high number of patients or potentially dying patients , you could even face patients that will die. I think getting ready and prepared makes me qualified to deal with such tough situations. I could be prepared physically by doing exercises that beside helping my body , they make me qualified with the the difficult times, exercise helps me to relieve my stress and think better. Exercise and being fit also helps me to do the medical techniques such as CPR compressions in a right way. Mental health is also important, I should think clearly and choose the best for the patient. Taking care of emotions makes me in a good position to deal very well with the patients. It’s quite important for me to exercise to cope up with the stress and elevated adrenaline. I exercise on basic things such as staying calm , think clearly , recall information during my practice. Ability to communicate with my mates is an important issue, good communication leads to good functioning, so I am always careful to communicate and coordinate with my team. There are some basic things during emergency healthcare such as monitoring the vital signs , airway monitoring, Ambu Bag , ECG and  others, all of them should be checked continuously and rapidly for the sake of the patient. 

I believe that Learning has not an ending line. we always learn throughout our whole lives and I hope to pass my knowledge to the Students beginning careers. As a health care provider, I am fortunate to have this great training. Taking care of yourself is a key efficiently. I can say that ACLS Scholarship for Healthcare Providers provides the great support to students entering to the are of health care providing and it’s a great pleasure to talk about my sight, thoughts and my knowledge.