Heidi Yonkovic - med essay | Pacific Medical Training

Submitted 2022-09-07

Hello, my name is Heidi Yonkovic and I am applying for this scholarship. This scholarship would be so incredibly helpful for me while furthering my education at Kirkwood to become a nurse. I had found interest in nursing my whole life, I truly do not recall having interest with any other career. I realized this young and decided to take the CNA course my junior year of high school and have worked as a CNA ever since (5+ years). I have worked in many different types of facilities (a couple assisted living facilities, dementia units, nursing home facilities and hospital setting). To me, I feel that I find the need to help others in any position they are in. I find myself being extremely compassionate and sympathetic in all situations and want to continue to do that for others. The true turning point that pushed me to want to be a nurse was when my family member was diagnosed with cancer and I wanted to do all I could to help him. I also have a special needs nephew that has a severe disability that is so rare that doctors cannot give him set diagnosis. This little man has had three different types of feeding tubes and now has a permanent tube put in. I enjoy taking the responsibility off his parents’ hands and giving him his nine medications and tube feedings for experience and precious time with him. Having him in my life has taught me so much about his conditions and what a nurse does for him on a daily basis, he has given me so much hands-on experience that I wish he didn’t have to go through. After all my family experiences, it makes me want to be a nurse to help everyone going through these challenges and possibly finding cures.

I have many goals, both small and large. I strive to do the best and I love to take on the challenges that are thrown at me. Right at the moment, my prioritized goal is to excel in the Kirkwood Nursing Program by getting good grades and learning new techniques that challenge me. As of now Kirkwood is doing mostly virtual learning, that is a new obstacle I have had to adjust to and overcome to continue my education. A long-term goal of mine is to become a nurse at the hospital I grew up going to and also the place that I am currently employed at. The healthcare field is so rewarding but can be defeating at times. The moments I recall are the ones where I am told that I make someone’s day, I helped someone in a challenge they are facing or I even just put a smile on my patients’ face.

With being a student, it comes with many financial needs between books, supplies and everything in between. This semester I spent $800 on books and without the help of scholarships, I would not have been able to purchase all my needed supplies or possibly even been enrolled until I made the money. This scholarship would help me out tremendously with books, supplies, groceries and even gas to transport from Manchester to Cedar Rapids. I do my best to apply for every scholarship that is available to me to ensure that I have something less to worry about if my financial problems are taken care of.

Outside of my crazy school schedule I enjoy doing many other activities. I play on a Co-Ed softball team in the summer and find a lot of enjoyment in that. I have not tried out any extracurricular activities in the college setting due to how busy I have been. Before all of this, I would participate in helping out with meals my church would put on. When I find free time, I love watching my younger brother participate in sporting events, spending time with family and friends and my favorite is spending time with my three nephews. I would like to be more involved but with my current schedule I don’t have much time outside of homework and class

Thank you for your time and consideration for this scholarship. I hope to hear back from you. Stay safe and thanks again.