Anastasia Vandelune - med scholarship | Pacific Medical Training

Submitted 2022-09-15

Dream: Becoming a Nurse

As a young adult, I always found the medical field fascinating. As I got older, my interest increased, and I found myself watching different medical tv shows and documentaries. In 2017 I acquired a medical assistant certification (CMA). My goal was to access a medical field first to see if I was fitted for such an important field where I can excel in. I gained experience in the gastrointestinal department at Baylor Scott and White located in Temple, Texas. While working in the hospital, I received a lot of encouraging words from nurse practitioners, doctors, and other nurses, stating that one day I would make a great nurse. I also got to work in the Pain Management Clinic located in Las Vegas, Nevada. While working in the clinic, I got to experience many roles within the scope of a medical assistant. I had the pleasure learning front desk experience, back office, and Single Day Surgery. I operated a fluoroscopy machine for the first time, prepped injection trays and assisted doctors. My dream was almost fulfilled, but my scope was limited to how much I could contribute to. When I moved to Alabama in 2021, I took care of my sister-in-law’s recovery from difficult abdominal surgery. I took her vital signs on daily basis, prepped her meals according to what was helpful in her recovery, assisted her with personal hygiene, dressed the wounds and changed the surgical pads, drained her drainage tubes, and recorded amounts of fluids as well as her vital signs on daily basis. I took charge of ensuring the timeliness of prescribed medications, daily exercise, and breathing therapy to aid in her recovery. To this day, my sister-in-law is still grateful to me, and she plays a significant role in encouraging me to pursue my educational goal so that I can take care of others as well. In July of 2022 I decided to pursue my dream goal of becoming a registered nurse. The nursing field will provide me with lots of different career and growth opportunities. Most importantly, nursing will help me achieve my calling, to be the caring individual for other people. Being a registered nurse will help me contribute more to society by constantly educating myself, excelling at everything I will do, and by being there for the clients who would be able to feel comfortable to be seen in a hospital or clinical setting.