Jamar Ka'Shawn Kenner - med scholarship | PMT

Submitted 2022-09-19

My name is Jamar Kenner, and I am a 21-year-old level 1 nursing student from New Orleans, Louisiana with a 3.2 grade point average. First off, I just want to say I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself and to receive an opportunity to help me out with my financial burdens. I have a deep passion for nursing and the medical field, and just taking care of others and more than ever, the people need the medical field through this pandemic. I would love to speak with the community about my experience taking a Basic Life Support class as a future healthcare professional. Basic Life Support is a critical skill for all health care providers in performing emergency cardiovascular care. The Basic life support class helps us healthcare providers gain the confidence we need to save a person’s life with urgency and on the spot.

My overall goals in the field of medicine as of now are I’m currently working to earn my Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Southern University School of Nursing to become a Registered Nurse. Once I become a BSN, RN I will work in the Med-Surgery unit at a hospital for about 1 to 2 years to get experience in the Med Surgery unit and as a nurse. After that I will become a Travel Nurse and travel the world taking care of patients and enjoying life for about 3 years. Furthermore, I plan to go back to school to get my master’s and become a Nurse Practitioner and owning my own practice someday. Also, I hope to branch out and own more than one clinic and mobile clinics as well in the black community for the people that cannot afford transportation to these hospitals and low-income families.

Leadership has always been a part of me, and it comes easy to me. In high school I was the Junior Class President and Senior Class President. I had to plan prom and other events around school with the help of my cabinet members. I also did some community service in high school where we cleaned up the roads in the community and did toy and food drives. My sophomore year of college I became an Orientation leader on campus and what we did was got new students acclimated around campus and just to let them see how amazing of a school Southern University and A & M college really is. I am currently a Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society member and a NAACP member as well. As of Fall 2022 semester I became a Jaguar Ambassador and what we do is recruit students to come to Southern University and we give tours, showing students around campus and just showing them why they should be a Southern Jaguar. I feel that being a Jaguar Ambassador is not a hard job at all because I truly love Southern University and its environment so, it’s easy for me to show and share the love I have for Southern University to others.

Finally, I work as a Manager at Sonic Drive-in, where I manage the crew but with the help of ACLS Scholarship for Healthcare Providers I can focus more on my priorities, nursing school and giving my full attention to Covid-19 prevention and safety and providing basic life support as a healthcare provider. Therefore, I would like to thank ACLS Scholarship for Healthcare Providers again for giving me the opportunity to better service my community by saving life’s using Basic Life Support to perform CPR.