Yolanda Hastings - Pacific Medical Training scholarship essay

Submitted 2022-09-19

Nothing gratifies me and makes me feel a sense of worth than providing service to others. I believe I was born to serve others and provide emotional support to the afflicted ones, especially those who need healthcare support. My passion for nursing started developing when I first read about Florence Nightingale when I was 10. I was particularly moved by her disposition and compassion she had for wounded soldiers, making me start pretending to be a nurse during our childhood games. I would steal my mother’s adhesive bandages and surgical spirit to clean and dress wounds and bruises my friends would succumb to during play. As I grew, I convinced myself that I was born to care for others and give them emotional support to influence their health in a positive way.

Thus, the reason I have chosen to pursue a career in nursing is because it is a dream career and a call for me to take care of others and improve their health. I want to improve the health of individuals, families, and communities to meet their health needs. I am aware of the existence of inequalities in healthcare and some individuals and communities are marginalized and left to suffer from chronic health problems. I am deeply dismayed by this situation and would like to play a central role in championing equality and social justice. I believe nurses should possess a number of crucial qualities to be successful. These qualities I possess make me an ideal future nursing profession. Emotional intelligence is one of these qualities.

I am emotionally sensitive and tend to be sympathetic and empathetic to sick people and those that need healthcare support and do not have it. I am also compassionate and take it my responsibility to provide care to marginalized groups, especially children, and elderly people. I demonstrate a great deal of integrity, respect, and service; hence the reason I feel I am suited to a career in nursing.

My first short term goal is to be prepared for this semester so that my preparation will help me towards fulfilling my long term goals of passing the Nurse Practitioner Board certification.The second short term goal is to learn the skill sets required to serve the particular population I am intended to work as a future Family nurse practitioner. As a family nurse practitioner student, one get training towards the range of entire ages: however mostly I work with the adult population as a Nurse and so far my desire is to serve the same population as a Nurse practitioner.

The third goal is to understand the legal implication like state laws that define the nurse practice during this period so that before applying for the job I have the fair knowledge of the scope of practice that defines nurses’ roles, articulate oversight requirements, and govern practice and prescriptive authorities Long Term Goals for Nurse Practitioner Student. As I mentioned earlier, my first long term goal is to get the certification through the Board Of Nursing in Texas as soon as I complete my degree.

I have to keep this in my mind as accreditation can take weeks to months, so my goal is to start the application process as soon as I can. There is no denying the fact that as soon as one starts for NP school, getting a good decent job is always the first thing on their mind. With this course I am very close to getting my degree and my certification, so my 2nd goal is to get a decent job that I always intend to. The third goal is something actually I will say both come under long and short goals is to continue to update the knowledge and technological skill based on current evidence-based practice through a focus on continuing education so that I can provide based patient outcomes every time.