Jessica Italiano - Medical essay | Pacific Medical Training

Submitted 2022-10-07

Will you ever be prepared for the emotional, mental or physical experiences of working in emergency medicine? Off the bat, I will tell you, no, definitely not. There are ways that you develop your skills as a caregiver and it starts with the basics. Cerifying in Basic Life Support is so important because your CPR skills as a young healthy student are priceless! Your willingness to help a lifeless person gives you unforseen strength  you never knew existed.

I‘m presently in my 3rd year of nursing school. I have recently participated in CPR on a 89 year old man.I gave it my all but unfortunately the emergency room nurses and physicians were unable to save him. They used ACLS protocols and I witnessed them pushing drugs checking pulses and shocking the patient until the wife said it was time to stop.This 20 minutes were very stressful but at the end the wife came in the room and cried and said thank you soo much for trying to save my husband he has been gettin worse after his stroke and God did what he thought was best. Hearing her words made my heart hurt but at the same time I felt rewarded even though he didn’t make it.

My advice to new nurses is to open your eyes wide and listen to the nurses and doctors and try to adapt to the ways that work best for your practices. It will make you a stronger and more confident nurse.