Jorge Luis Peña Arellano - Medical essay

Submitted 2022-10-09

Does the doctor’s life still exist?

The life of workers in the health area over time has changed because it is said that they should be focused only on studying, improving their patient management tactics, and only living for their work, but this? it’s true?

Workers in the health area must have constant updates because day by day there are improvements in health procedures, new medications, new technologies, so it is true that workers in the health area never stop studying. In my current case, I am in my last year of medical school and it is surprising how many things have evolved from when I started studying medicine, so the evolution of information is really incredible for me as a student, on the other hand, We focus a lot on the fact that when we have the choice of this career we forget everything that has to do with our personal life, but how important is personal life?

It is proven that the personal life of the doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, nutritionists, etc. It is very important, and they cannot neglect it, but how to achieve this? Having an incredible level of demand, which is why it is very difficult to not worry about your profession and begin to see for yourself. It is very important to reach a balance where our profession is the most important thing in our lives and we need to constantly update everything we already know so as not to stay in the past, improve our percentages of treatments and be better every day. At the same time, it is important not to neglect our interpersonal relationships such as our family, our partners, our friends, but this is very difficult because we need to rest as well as grow as people.

This must be the sum of 3 areas that are: profession + interpersonal relationships + personal health. It is incredibly difficult to achieve this balance, but the important thing in my experience is to live, study, update, love, meet with friends and family, as if it were the last day, so it is very important to give quality time to everything we do because that in this way we will achieve the best results because in this way we will be able to do a million things covering everything we want and in the best way.

I can define quality time as carrying out an activity with all the concentration and commitment that we can give it. Over time, I have managed to achieve a balance because I can give the best of myself without neglecting any of the aspects of our lives. being better for the future and growing in an incredible way to be everything that one day I dreamed of.

I greatly admire all my colleagues in the health area and since I have had the opportunity to be in hospitals, I love hearing that little by little people update themselves in what they like, they do their work with an incredible vocation and dedication that It makes you feel good, just as they maintain a stable life and with all their areas protected.

In the third world it is completely difficult to achieve information updates, because the information arrives much later than expected, we live and practice algorithms that are 5-10 years old, there are not enough resources to carry out the correct procedures such as are indicated, the staff is trained and updated on their own because they do not have the support of the institution where they work or the government, for which they bear the cost of their training on their own. In a world where resources are lacking, there is a desire to learn, with low wages, undervalued jobs and, above all, with a great desire to be the best, but the current health system does not allow us to do that because it slows us down.

For all the above, it is important to maintain the vocation and encouragement to have constant updates, adequate information and, above all, family motivation because that is what moves us as doctors. Our greatest motivation is to make someone who is waiting for us at home feel proud, to arrive and see a smile from someone we love and above all the process in which we see our patient as healthy, their relatives as they are losing that fear and especially the new generations we begin to perform personalized medicine where we no longer see only diseases but we are seeing a person with feelings, conscience and intelligence.

The education of all health workers must be complete as both in the scientific area and in the humanistic area, it is important to grow as doctors, but also as people.