Dhanalakshmi Vasilanka - Medical essay | Pacific Medical Training

Submitted 2022-10-10

The Emergency medical Services in our Current Health Care Scenario is necessary, they are playing a vital role. In India the Emergency Medical Service course will be done by the Emergency medical technician and health care Professionals. The Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) conduct basic, noninvasive interventions to help save lives and reduce harm at emergency sites. They can do everything a responder does, plus they have the skills needed to transport patients safely. In many places, EMTs provide most of the out-of-hospital care.

As per my knowledge Basic life support is a critical skill for all healthcare providers and public sector people and advanced and pediatric life support are also practiced by certain nurses, Healthcare Professionals, Rescue team and physicians depending on where they are working.

In my managerial experience, I used to manage of Emergency Medical Services (108 Services- Project similar 911 in USA) in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India. During the Period of 2016- 2018.481 Ambulances (360 BLS Ambulances and 121 ACLS Ambulances) were deployed to serve the Entire AP state with 2000 manpower Emergency Medical Technicians for 24/7. Well-equipped high-tech ambulances provide 24 x 7 hours emergency Medical Services by direct calling three-digit toll free number (108) from any network in Andhra Pradesh. The project strategy is based on “Golden Hour Theory” – Patient to be shifted within first hour to nearest hospital. While travelling EMT will provide necessary treatment to the patient. During the period of 2014 to 2016 Emergency Medical technicians were attended total cases of 1284179(Medical cases of 493136, Labor/ Pregnancy =396656, birth in ambulance 12378.)

As a Medical Professional cum manger, I have provided training classes on Anatomy and physiology for technicians of Basic Life support and Advanced life Support and made few training videos on procedures of insertion of Gastro Tube, NG tube etc on Manu.

Whenever Distress or any emergency the first person who attended the event is Emergency Medical technicians. The technicians were attended many Cases like Deliveries, Suicide, chocking cases, Drowning cases. • Well-equipped high-tech ambulances provide 24 x 7 hours emergency Medical Services by direct calling three digit toll free number (108) from any network in Maharashtr.

And I strongly believe and understood that all medical professionals like physicians, nurse practitioners, physiotherapist, and other technicians must learn this Emergency Medical service course to provide the treatment. It is understood among caregivers in medical field that providing attentive, compassionate, and effective treatment is crucial for the health of our patients. Having the honor of being so deeply involved in the community’s well-being is an undertaking that holds gratifying responsibility. This commitment involves having confidence in our training, which include skills that are necessary in a BLS or resuscitation event. Likewise, having fresh the classic saying in caregiving “if I can’t take care of myself, how can I take care of my patient?” holds true. It can be a reminder that being at your best enables you in giving excellent quality care to your patients. The ACLS Scholarship for Health Care Providers provides great insight and support for those entering the healthcare field and through this essay, allows me to communicate what I’ve learned to future professionals in this occupation. Finally, we need to train the community people (need to conduct BLS training in School, corporate office etc. to provide awareness. IEC model (information, education, and Counselling) will work to provide awareness and interest to all individuals.