Sandy Garcia - Medical essay | Pacific Medical Training

Submitted 2022-10-13

My name is Sandy Garcia, I’m a recent graduate of University of Texas Rio Grande Valley with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Throughout the process of my bachelor’s degree, I have been committed and have acquired knowledge in principles that align with my professional and personal goals. In the process of further growing my career I am seeking to pursue a Master in Physician Assistant studies.

My personal interests align with physician assistant and my decision to pursue a masters in this field started during the years of acquiring an associate’s degree in biology. I graduated from Texas State Technical College. Shortly, I was working as a Clinical Medical Assistant at an immigration shelter that works with various groups of people, such as refugee populations or alien populations. Working as a medical assistant gave me the opportunity to put my skills into practice and experience more hands-on patient care and serve the underserved community while also being a full-time student. Some of my duties were to annotate patient charts, treatment results, and I learned about medication administration, how to perform electrocardiography and how to interpret the results to forms, routine, and labs. I also had interactions with other staff members such as, Physicians, Physician Assistants, Clinicians and Social Workers. I really admired their work and the amazing relationships my peers formed with the children. These interactions with the environment, my peers, and the children inspired me to become a Physician Assistant.

After some time passed, I knew that I wanted to spread my wings and do more with my knowledge and skills. I was in a position where I could not contribute as much as I wanted to and I knew I needed to make a change. Now, I hope to immerse deeper into the dynamics of Physician Assistant.

As I enter this master’s degree, I seek to achieve the skills and preparation I need in order to expand my reach of opportunity of service to the many children that suffer mental, emotional, sexual, and addiction problems.

Upon review of the different programs in psychology, I decided to apply for the masters in this university because your institution is the better fit for me. After careful consideration, it has become clear that developing a successful career in physician assistant advanced training. I have confidence and feel that your university will equip me with the skills and training. Asides from working in a shelter setting, I am open to other opportunities in other spaces in the field. In the past years I worked as a phlebotomist at Valley Baptist Medical Center and during that time I was able to meet and interact with staff and patients within the behavioral health facility. I believe that my experience will allow me to put develop my full potential for this program. In addition, I am highly fascinated with the clinical rehabilitation program because it is specifically designed for students to explore more into the importance of clinical rehabilitation.

After careful consideration, it has become clear that becoming a Physician Assistant has been my long-time desire. I also believe that the work-life balance, my undergrad education and the science classes and physician assistant requirements has prepared me into developing a successful career in physician assistant training. As a Physician Assistant I will have the opportunity to provide support and deliver the best health care to the patients from our community. I think it’s fascinating that you can work in emergency room, urgent care, primary care, pediatrics, and in an orthopedic office. I have confidence and feel that your university and healthcare is will equip me with the skills and training.