Kyndal Wishard - Scholarship essay | Pacific Medical Training

Submitted 2022-11-01

It’s hard being a certified nurse’s aid, CNA, you’ll have good days, and you’ll have bad days. An example of a good day for me is meeting new residents. Getting to know them and what they did in their youth, what they are patinate about, if they are married. On more challenging days the facility maybe be understaffed where one might face new challenges that might push them to use more of their skill set.

What I do to prepare myself physically, I go to my community center to swim laps because it calms me down and put me in the state of euphoria. Going for a swim is good for my job as a professional lifeguard. Being a professional lifeguard is a very physically demanding job because you must stay focused when supervising the water. To stay in good health, I would follow what my body needs by eating a balanced diet to help me stay healthy and alert. Proper sleep before my shift to help me stay alert during hours. All these physical practices help me maintain my good grades which helps me stay balanced mentally.

How I prepare myself mentally is by doing things I love. Which is listening to music, cleaning around the house, watching movies to get well rested for my next shift, playing on my PS4 to have fun. I love to cook new things for my friends and family to try. Having a mental health day is beneficial to me because if you can’t take care of yourself then you can’t take care of anyone else. Therefore, I feel that it is essential to have mental health days to let yourself debrief your day, to let all the stress off your shoulder if you had a bad day.

Walking into a situation, I would assess the situation and make sure that it is safe for me and others because you want safety for yourself and other to prevent more problems to the situation. I need to know what materials I need to prepare for the care I will give to my resident. Once you are done with the helping your resident you make sure you leave them as comfortable as possible asking them if they need anything else. You should always stay alert; you will never know what you will help with.

All my mental and physical preparation is very much needed in order to successfully fulfill my role. When I’m doing my rounds at the nursing home, I check in with all my residents in my hall by going into their room asking if they need anything. One day, I walked into one of my residents’ rooms to tend to her call light. She had told me that her legs and hip were hurting. I had no knowledge that she had a fall the day before. She was dressed in bandage ace wrap. I told her I will look at her bandage to see what is going on. I saw that she was leaking blood through her bandages, I told her that I would be right back with someone to help me get her knew bandages.

I knew that seeing her leak through was not a good sign. I went to the first charge nurse that I could find to report that this resident needed our help. I was so nervous; the adrenalin was rushing into my body. This was my first emergency the charge nurse said go get me some more bandages and new linens and a new gown for her. The nurse gave me the code to the closet, I grabbed the materials I needed. When I walked back into the room the nurse said that the resident has edema and that make your blood thin and transparent. That is why she was leaking through her bandages so fast. When she had fallen, she had ripped her skin on her hip and leg. The nurse told me to take off the old bandage and clean up the areas that the blood was leaked from.

I grabbed a pair of glove and carefully took off the bandage. The resident had Alzheimer’s; she was very confused about what was going on. As I was taking the bandage off, I was explaining who I was and what I was doing as to not make her scared of me. Her wounds were still open and irritated, the nurse that helped the resident the day that she fell had taken her to the hospital to get stitches.

After I was done taking the rest of the bandages the nurse put a triple antibiotic on the wounds. She told me that it was okay to go ahead and start changing her out of the clothes she was in because it’s not in my practices to dress a wound. I can only take it off it a charge nurse is there with me. While I was getting her dressed, I was starting to come down form the adrenalin high, I realized that I just helped this resident and if I had not gone to her call light she would still be sitting there in her bed with wet bandages and clothes. I was so glad I helped her it made me feel like a real nurse, I knew that if I had not got good rest or a balanced diet that I would have not been so alert. When I got home, I had to recoup for my next shift. That day I knew how take charge and to do what I right.

This experience helps me realize that mental and physical health are more essential then I thought.