Thalia Jaqueline Torres Lozano - Scholarship essay

Submitted 2022-11-01

As a nursing student I was able to discover the importance about the self-care and feelings of the patients I have around me. This is a profession that needs all vocation, patience, discipline and love. Sacrificing our times of rest, it´s mean being on my feet for long periods of time, sacrificing the time of your social life is something that not many are willing to. Nursing is not only following the instructions of a doctor, it´s save lives, hand in hand with a team in order to achieve the desired goal which is the well-being of the patient. All long the job with a team is essential otherwise the person in our hands will feel the deficiency of our work. Being in a good health has a great impact with the quality as a caregiver. Just like holding us very attentive, observant and correctly analyzing everything, it will achieve that our performance is an excellent and for this we must have free time to release the stress and emotional burden that out hard work causes us so that this does not affect our future patients nor lower our performance as caregiver. When performing a procedure for example, performing CPR correctly, injecting, channeling, taking vital signs, doing some simple or complicated healing, administering medication, or simply caring for a patient, let´s steal being completely concentrated so that everything goes successfully. Sometimes, some people don´t usually concentrate because of number of people, normally crowded, who are usually in a waiting room, emergency room and this is the most difficult job.

It is a honor to be deeply involved in the recovery of a person or community, they carry a great responsibility, a daily preparation that always be rewarding. Our vocation revolves around the natural impulse of each human being to want to save, promote, encourage and seek good. Human dignity it moves us to want to signify others our vert human nature and our work as nursing must direct their steps to the achievement of the good in the context and realities in which we operate, from how to cure a simple cut to a very complicated surgery. Hence the importance of and the insistence of the guild, in which we are, that we students, practitioner and interns have a high sense of humanity a straight and healthy mental, physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual hygiene, so that they constitute impeccable, healthy, healthy men and women and full of vigor, we will give totally and entirely all our wisdom and skill to the care, improvement and healing of those who, by circumstances very varied, they need to pass through the hands of a health professional.

In case of an emergency such as cardiac or respiratory arrest it is vitally important to know what to do in these cases to safeguard the patient. Most of the time the patients fail to survive and we have to carry the most difficult situation, personally, the process of mourning and death. We, as health personnel, cannot allow ourselves to be dominated because of the natural and worthy impulses of our emotions, we cannot collapse our feelings in front of the people who will give them fatal news.

It is certainly inevitable not to feel fear, pain, uncertainty even the desire to cry; a tear may escape us but we must not make our sentimentality dominates us if not that our valid feelings must be used with courage to determine us to help those who now need it most. The virtue of temperance and sowing the we day by day will undoubtedly help us to give to whom in the darkest moments of our profession we can give to whom suffers from the death of fatality of an accident, a hope that will not be exhausted. Before entering the hospital environment for the first time there may be small pictures of anxiety on the part of us, servers, since it is different to witness a procedure than to execute one. Living with patients off a different ages is a very relevant aspect since it is not the same to live with small patients, such as babies, to deal with adolescents, older adults, special adults, or people who require specialized care. However, many of the times they require, for their healing different styles and ways of healing them, treating them and making them feel loved and understood so that the human being who approaches us does not feel that we simply analyze a disease but that we approach the real aliments of a fellow man. In brief, it is very important to emphasize that we have to leave to think as we thought long before that the doctor is one thing and the nurse is one more thing, no. We must treat patients as human beings seeing them from the heart of charity that demands to treat me as I want to be treated.