Evett L. Hearn - Pacific Medical Training scholarship essay

Submitted 2023-01-31

How receiving this scholarship would impact my life

I believe I deserve this scholarship opportunity because I am an innovative problem solver. There are many things that I am certain about myself and three of them are my unquenchable thirst for learning, my passion for the healthcare industry and my mission of making significant differences in the lives of others. During my earlier years, I was awakened to the realization that one’s life can only be made worthy through services to others. There were some people in my life whose sufferings I witnessed because of an illness. Although, even at a young age, I cried for them and vowed to find the way by which I would be able to do something to help. I saw people who were close to me bearing the pain of having edema, congestive heart failure and diabetes particularly concerning the worst condition of their feet. It was as if their pain was mine and more so because I could do nothing about it. I knew then that my life would only be worthwhile if I could be of service particularly to those who are experiencing the affects of any health condition or disease. Every human being deserves to fully live life, each one of us has been endowed with so much creativity and dignity that makes life as the most valuable here on earth. It is always my fervent wish to be part in the caring for the world’s greatest treasure and in contributing to the advancement of humankind specifically in the healthcare industry. One way of reaching this goal is by embracing the science of medicine specializing in the Bachelor of Science in Health Management Program. This I have done wholly with all the fervor of a woman on a mission. I have embarked faithfully on my quest. I have been willing to learn the art and technology of the science of healthcare as well as willing to impart the same knowledge to others. I will have to be on my best, there is no room for mediocrity. Mastering the intricacies and complexities of the healthcare industry is the way that will make me achieve my dream. The need for health managers has increased in the hospitals or medical facilities. These are the areas I plan to serve. I am grateful to be considered for this scholarship opportunity, I will use it to advance in my healthcare industry education.

[Evett L. Hearn]

My educational and career goals and adjectives

My ambition in educational goals is to upgrade my communication skills, raise my competency level, get unit-specific certifications, balance professional and personal life, keep learning consistently in my practice, join professional organizations, extend my health management services to remote places and to get a higher management rank. My career goals are to optimize resource allocation, create services that focus on patients, increase workplace diversity, and innovate problem solving processes. Also, to reduce the cost of patient care. As a professional in health management, reducing costs for patients can make medical treatment more accessible. This is also a way to prioritize patients and create patient-centered services. I plan to organize the management office, keeping a tidy space in the management office will lead to greater efficiency. Organization helps employees focus and complete work task and makes information easier to find. Ensuring that I document and safely store patient records, financial documents and operational data will help perform my job duties. My objectives to optimizing resource allocations as a health manager are to be responsible for allocating funding for each department in a medical center. Also, I will invest in new medical technology and search for opportunities in research and development. Then I will have prioritize improving to allocation of resources, such as funding, and new equipment can also help departments provide essential care for patients. To create services that focus on patients, healthcare management strategize to improve patient care. One way to develop services that directly benefit patients is to allow people in the community to take part in planning meetings or to sponsor health events in the community. Offering educational resources and increasing access to health care can also show that my practice will prioritize patients and their well-being.